Welcome to Self-Care Sessions – Ep. 1

Hi there and welcome to a new series here on HeiddiZalamar.com! In trying to figure out how to best serve you, busy working mom, I was inspired to feature people who inspire me everyday. These amazing people have all struggled with their self-care and have overcome those challenges to go on to do wonderful thingsContinue reading “Welcome to Self-Care Sessions – Ep. 1”

Avoid these 5 Emotional Traps and Hit Your New Year’s Goals

Welcome to 2019 and resolution season. It’s that wonderful time of year when you’re excited to live your best life by making big changes.  You’re psyched and ready to get the ball rolling. Except when you decide on a goal. Maybe you want to practice more self-care or you want to get fit this year. Continue reading “Avoid these 5 Emotional Traps and Hit Your New Year’s Goals”

3 Self-Care Myths You May Believe

If you do a google search on self-care, you’ll get 1.8 billion results in less than a second. There are tons of resources out there about self-care and there are lots of people wanting to know what self-care is. Self-care is a combination of big and small things that we do to recharge our batteries,Continue reading “3 Self-Care Myths You May Believe”