Retool Your Schedule

This is the program that helps you easily find time for you, so you can recharge your batteries, recenter yourself and reconnect with you AND your family. 

Hey Mama, 

Let’s get real here. You’ve got the job, kids, home and all of the things, but you’re stressed out as hell and it shows. Snapping at everyone INCLUDING your babies. This ISN’T you at all!  But, it wasn’t always like this. Before the kids – you had TONS of time to recharge your batteries and get rid of  stress.  And you loved doing it….. Until the kids came along. Now, it’s not like you don’t love them to pieces, because I KNOW you do. But, you daydream about peeing by yourself for ONCE! Hell, you’d give your left arm (and maybe the right one, too) to have even 5 minutes to breathe! You KNOW you can’t live this way anymore, but you’ve got NO idea what to do. I know you’re not looking to be first on the list, but DAMMIT, you want to BE on the damned list and not have to wait “UNTIL TOMORROW” to do you!

If you DON’T figure out what to do, you’ll be more stressed out, worried about how you’ll get all the things done and NOT screw it all up. Not that any of this would happen, because you’ll just stick it out like you ALWAYS DO, but you KNOW this isn’t the life you want. 

And that’s SO stressful mama. Because if you DID know how to create that alone time, you wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed and drained. 

Here’s what I know about you:

You want to be that amazing mom who knows EXACTLY what you need when you need it and ACTUALLY give it to yourself. You want to be less stressed and happier – with yourself, your family AND your life. 

You’ve scoured every corner on the interwebs about time management (get up every hour for a 5-minute stretch and what the heck does Pomodoro know about stressed out moms anyway?), talked to all of your mom friends,  your momma and HER friends and NO ONE could tell you anything about taking time for yourself because they just don’t. (Seriously, isn’t there a mom out there who DOES know? – psst – that’s me!).

Hey, geeking out online is my JAM, too, but it won’t help you figure out how to find the time you need to reduce stress without stressing you out. Here’s a tip: phone reminders won’t help either because you just snooze them anyway. Yep, been there, done that.  It doesn’t work!

Here’s why it’s so DANG hard:

  • It’s hard for you to fix this because it really isn’t about the time thing (even though it’s a big part). It’s really because you feel GUILTY. 
  • Even though you KNOW you need alone time, you don’t want your crew pissed at you. You worry that they won’t support your alone time. 
  • You don’t want to let anyone down or disappoint them.
  • And lastly – you don’t know HOW to say no to the things that keep you stressed in FAVOR of the things will reduce your stress.

I bet all those time management articles probably didn’t tell you how to manage your guilt, fears or worries. Or how to figure out that all those thoughts were really Stinkin’ Thinking (the kind of thoughts that suck out all your common sense.)

You need someone who knows EXACTLY what it’s like to walk in your shoes because she’s walked those miles, too. A fellow mama who can help you get clear on what you ACTUALLY do with your time,  get rid of time wasters and teach you how to spend it wisely. AND help you deal with the Stinkin’ Thinking that keeps you in this crazy loop! This is why I created “Retool Your Schedule”because you CAN have time for you WITHOUT going nuts!

By the end of the first session, I was looking forward to speaking with you and venting about some of my overwhelming feelings of “mom” guilt. I was struggling with telling myself “yes”, and “you deserve this” was very hard for me.

Adriana J.

Hiya mama, I’m Heiddi and I help stressed out moms like YOU find the time you NEED to reduce stress easily without the guilt. 

As a 19-year veteran mom of two boys, I’ve been there – stressed out with NO breathing room. I’m also a trained therapist and for over 13 years worked with moms like you utterly sick of the pressure-cooker lifestyle. And got out of it myself.

In this program, we’ll work together to look at your current schedule, see where you’re losing time and help you get it back. We’ll tweak it right up so you know EXACTLY when you can take time for you. We’ll uncover what works best for you, because YOU know yourself best. We’ll also tackle that stinkin’ thinkin’ that keeps you stuck.

Retool Your Schedule is designed to help you:

  • Effectively track your time
  • Easily find gaps in your schedule
  • Help you reconnect with what you need 
  • Learn all of my time tricks to easily get alone time 
  • Work through the mental blocks (AKA Stinkin’ Thinkin’) that KEEP you stuck
  • Use just 5 minutes a day to reduce stress (Yes, REALLY!)

Listen mama, I WAS that night owl losing sleep on social media dragging my butt out of bed every morning to get my kids out the door and get to work, overwhelmed and drained by everything. At my new job, I tread so much water that I burnt out and stopped advocating for myself and my needs. And was fired! I had to figure out how the hell I got there in the first place – exhausted, drained and devastated with no job.  SOMETHING had to change for the better, even if it was hard, because I knew it would be worth it. So that I could be healthier, my kids could have a happier, more present mom and I could do my work with confidence. 

Being able to have me time has helped me enjoy the present moment with my family instead of rushing them to get to my never-ending to do list.

Jennifer V.

In Retool Your Schedule, you’ll get:

A detailed “Getting to know you” worksheet to fill out before we get started ~ $27

2 hour-long coaching calls via Zoom ~ valued at $300

2 Just For You Summaries of each zoom call with personalized insights, recommendations and practical tips ~ valued at $100 each

Email support between sessions ~ valued at $250

One implementation week in between calls to practice the skills you learn

BONUS! ~  My “Self-Care in a Snap” worksheet designed to help you brainstorm ideas for quick and easy stress reduction ~ valued at $27

Total Value = $857

Your Investment = $247 ~ That’s over 70% OFF!

Here’s the thing: I know that times aren’t good right now with this crazy pandemic  and money’s tight. And because I know what it is to have a tight budget and want to make it accessible to everyone, I’m offering Retool Your Schedule for the low price of $247

This IS for you if:

  • You’re ready to get your time back, but don’t know HOW to do it.
  • You’re ready to let go of what DOESN’T work to learn what DOES work best for YOU
  • You want to tackle the mental blocks (aka Stinkin’ Thinkin’) that STOP you from taking even 5 minutes for you
  • You’re also very interested in living a better quality life and realize this isn’t just about managing your schedule, it’s creating a happier, healthier, more present you. 

This is NOT for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to make changes in your life (because in order to live differently, you have to DO different things) even tiny ones for YOUR benefit.
  • You’re too busy doing all the things that you can’t make yourself a priority for one hour per week.
  • You aren’t able to take on a learning perspective, i.e. can’t no one tell you NOTHING. 

When you have regular time for yourself, to recharge your batteries, reset and recenter yourself, you’ll notice things you didn’t before – like knowing when you need a break and TAKING it. Or even better, that you start taking care of you the same way you take care of everyone else. By paying attention to your needs the SAME way you do for your little ones as a mom.