Busy Working Moms Self-Care Bootcamp

Exhausted. Frustrated. Irritated. Zombie-walk your way out of bed, put on coffee and do a weather check. Wrangle the crew and get them ready to go. Speed shower and gulp cold coffee. Run out the door hoping that you’ve got everything you need INCLUDING your brain. You’re the juggler and ringmaster (aka busy working mom). Hi there. I’m Heiddi.

If these are FACTS for you, it’s because I’m describing your life. And maybe you’re thinking of doing more for your self-care than just reading.

Here’s what YOUR life will be like AFTER the Busy Working Moms Self-Care Bootcamp:

  • You’re re-energized because you only say yes to what matters to you. You’ve learned a loving way to say no and set good boundaries. 
  • You’ve got a stronger connection with yourself and your family. 
  • You know HOW to ask for the help you need.  
  • You’re recharged, motivated and strong enough for everything else. Because you take “me” time everyday without ANY guilt or resentment.
  • You wake up everyday feeling worthy of every blessing in your life, including your family and feel grateful for the messy, crazy life.

No, it won’t be easy. But the Busy Working Moms Self-Care Bootcamp is a 6-week coaching program that helps you get rid of the packed schedule along with the guilt and replace it with a scheduled centered around what is best for a happier, more joyful YOU.

Here’s the thing, I know:

  • You don’t want to disappoint anyone so you say YES to everything, even though you CAN’T add anything else to your plate. 
  • You don’t want to feel disconnected from your family, even though you want and NEED your alone time. 
  • You just don’t know HOW to ask for what you need. You twist yourself into a pretzel for everyone else, but no one asks what YOU need. 
  • You want a little time for yourself away from your family, but you feel terrible even taking time for you (<— that’s guilt talking).
  • You want to do fun things to de-stress, but are SO stressed out you’ve forgotten what you actually DO enjoy.

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You know you can’t be all things to everyone, but worry that the world will end if you take time for yourself.  Or worse, you feel guilty or neglectful because you want to take care of yourself first for a change. I get it! I was there last year. My work and my family suffered because I was fried. Burnout wiped ME out.

I focused on getting through each day so that my kids would be okay. But, I wanted so much more than just being “okay.” Then I got fired and I had no other choice but to turn things around. 

Even though you know you need time for yourself, you feel so GUILTY that you put it off for later and NEVER get back to it.

It does NOT have to be this way.

I struggled with burnout, tears and guilt for wanting to run away from everything INCLUDING my boys. Until I learned that in order to love them best, I had to love myself FIRST. I had to put on my oxygen mask so that I could be a better person for ME and a better mom for them.  

And then…..

I created the Busy Working Moms Self-Care Bootcamp to help other busy working moms like you get alone time every single day. You can have a healthy relationship with yourself while also keeping healthy relationships with your loved ones. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 6 hour long one-on-one calls with me, your coach, via Skype so you’re not doing it alone.
  • B.W.M. Self-Care Exercises (no more than 15 mins each) and scripts to help you eliminate time suckers, set healthy boundaries and advocate for yourself.
  • 6 Summary Emails with your wins, AHA moments and next steps.
  • 6 weekly Encouragement emails (in between sessions) with motivational quotes and affirmations to help you stay motivated and on track.
  • An experienced professional who can help you manage the feelings that hold you back from getting alone time, change behavior for the better and create/set routines that puts you first so you can be at your best!

What you WON’T get:

  • A paid friend. I’m NOT here to take your money and talk about my life. This is all about YOU. (Examples are for learning only).
  • A therapist. I won’t deep-dive into your past to resolve mental health issues. But if we see that’s what you need, I can refer you to a qualified practitioner.
  • A lifetime money leech. I don’t believe coaching is supposed to last forever. My vision is to teach you how to practice great self-care so YOU can carry the ball after we’re done.

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ChrysanthemumElsie R. says: “Heiddi listened without judgment and validated my feelings. I needed help communicating with my husband about our parenting issues. The hour that she spent guiding and advising me provided a lot of insight on how we should communicate with each other.”
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