Find time for You (in 15 minutes or less!)

Easily find time for you to relax more and stress less!

As a stressed out mom, you KNOW you need time for you to relax, but where to fit it in? 

This free guide will teach you exactly what you need to know to find time for you and instantly free up at least 5 hours a week in 15 minutes or less (without having to lock yourself up in the bathroom with a screaming kid pounding on the door)!

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • The ONE tweak you can make RIGHT NOW to get up 5 hours of “me time” every week
  • The 3 Foundations you NEED to have free time everyday
  • How to use your phone calendar to help you manage your schedule
I love the notion of thinking about the 168 hours in a week and budgeting them. I use Every Dollar to manage our finances so thinking about every hour was novel and GOOD! “Yesterday as I moved through my day, I was thinking 168. I took a much needed, much deserved 2 hour nap and then I got up and got sh*t done!!

–Kara D.

This is perfect for you if:

You’re a stressed out mom who has ZERO time for herself.

You’ve looked all over the internet for tips on how to find time for you, but bombarded with too many ideas.

You’ve been struggling to get “me time” but end up losing precious sleep scrolling through social media. 

As a single working mom of two, I KNOW what it’s like to be stressed out, desperate for time alone and not knowing where to fit it in.  Been there, done that and bought the t-shirt! That’s why I created “Find time for You (in 15 minutes or Less)” to take you from having ZERO time to having more time that you know what to do with! 

About Heiddi Zalamar

Heiddi is the founder of HZ Coaching Services, where she helps stressed out stress less and relax more. As a self-care coach, she has helped stressed out moms like you find quick and easy ways to make time for themselves and deal with Stinkin’ Thinkin’ (aka negative thoughts) so they can relax more and stress less. Heiddi is a smartypants when it comes to helping moms learn easy ways to take better care of themselves (since she went through this herself). Plus, she’s the ringleader of her own circus as a single mom of two. 🙂