Fear 2 Fuel Intensive

Empowerment coaching for women to disarm fear and uplevel their confidence, so you can tackle life’s challenges with courage and confidence.

Hey love, let’s get real here. You’ve got the job, family, home and all of the things, but you’re still wanting to make s*** happen.  Except you’ve no idea how to get started. You’re overwhelmed by all the things. Or don’t want to fail. Or worried how the choices you’ll make affect your loved ones. Or you take a ton of action, but it ends up backfiring and you end up with TOO much on your plate. Hello, shiny object syndrome! You’re stuck in buffering mode. This WASN’T you at all!  

You’re sick of fear taking the driver’s seat in your life! If you DON’T figure out what to do, you know that you’ll keep circling around the things you want, instead of focusing on what you DO want

Here’s why it’s so DANG hard:

  • It’s hard for you to fix this because it really isn’t about finding time, or pressure or even ‘making a decision.’ It’s about facing your fears.
  • Even though there are things you WANT in life, you worry about whether or not you can ACTUALLY make it happen. You don’t believe in yourself.
  • You don’t want to let anyone down or disappoint them.
  • Pushing or forcing your way through fear doesn’t work very long because fear comes right back! (Ugh!)
  • And lastly – you don’t know HOW to manage your fears and build up your confidence. 

I bet all that research didn’t show you what to do when you’re scared or how to grow your confidence. Or how to figure out that all those thoughts were really Stinkin’ Thinkin’ (the kind of thoughts that suck out all your common sense). You need someone who knows EXACTLY what it’s like to walk in your shoes because she’s walked those miles, too. 

With over 14 years as a behavior change expert and a certification in mindfulness plus being a working mom who made two milestone decisions in her life (going back to school as a working mom AND starting my business), I’m here to help you get clear on what your fears are, how they show up in your life and how to uplevel your confidence. So you can ACTUALLY make the BEST decisions for YOU!

You CAN do this! 

Hiya love! I’m Heiddi and I help women like you dismantle your fears and uplevel your confidence so you tackle life’s challenges with courage and confidence!

As a former fraidy cat, I can’t tell how liberating it was to know that fear is a normal human emotion, that you CAN work through it AND you can build your confidence so that fear doesn’t stop you. This is EXACTLY why I created the Fear 2 Fuel Intensive.

I’ve come from a long line of women who’ve done scary things – one who started a laundry service to bring in more $$ for her family (my grandma); one who left her island to come to the US and went to college in her 30’s  and 40’s w/4 kids and 1 grandkid – my mom) and one who had a child as a teen who now holds a master’s degree (my big sister). I also know what it’s like to witness dreams that didn’t happen because time ran out (like losing my mom 18 years ago with unfulfilled dreams she put off). And because I’ve been there, done that, I can help YOU understand your fears and uplevel your confidence so you can tackle life’s challenges with courage and confidence!

I had an amazing session with Heiddi today. Heiddi is such a lovely person, really warm and caring and very insightful. I found her so easy to talk to and that she really listened and got me.  She really helped me to release some limiting beliefs and fears that I had. I felt so good and positive afterwards and feel that I made real progress in our session together.  I would highly recommend Heiddi as a coach.

Sharon O.

In this program, we’ll work together to identify how fear shows up in your world, get to the heart of your fear and build up your confidence so you know EXACTLY what your next move will be even if you aren’t sure where it will take you. 

We’ll look at your fears, see where you’re getting stuck and implement easy tools to use so you know exactly what to do with that fear. Friend your fear instead of pushing through it! We’ll uncover what works best for you, because you know yourself best. We’ll also tackle how to keep you moving forward on your goals when “life” happens.

The Fear 2 Fuel Intensive is designed to help you:

  • Identify and understand the 4 common types of fear (and know which one YOU have)
  • Learn how fear shows up in your behavior 
  • Dismantle your fears and use it (and other feelings) as your INNER GPS
  • Help you reconnect with your strengths & trust in yourself
  • Learn how to celebrate your wins (aka use Positive Reinforcement)  
  • Work through the mental blocks (AKA Stinkin’ Thinkin’) that KEEP you stuck
  • Learn what to do when “life” gets in the way so you stay on track with trusting yourself

Listen mama, it took me 13 YEARS to give birth to my business! My bff recently reminded me I’d started talking about a business way back in 2005! Being scared sucks. It kept me stuck, indecisive and put my biz dream on hold while I worked full-time and cared for my son. The catalyst was losing my mom in 2002 soon after having my son. Mami left unfulfilled dreams behind. And I didn’t want that for myself.

So even though I was petrified, I still took action on a very BIG decision – finishing college & grad school. That’s how I began as a mental health professional, which led to coaching. 

When you know how to identify, explore and manage your fears AND know what you’re good at, you’ll know how to make decisions that work best for YOU. You’ll know deep within that you have EVERYTHING you need to make s**t happen. You’ll be happy and excited about your life again. At last, you won’t need someone to guide you, because you’ll already have that person – YOU. 

“Investing in you is truly the best thing to consider. Heiddi celebrated things I didn’t see as progress and showed me to clearly refocus on me both in session and in between.

Thank you, Heiddi for your authenticity and for journeying with me on this path.”

Jennifer V.

In the Fear 2 Fuel Intensive, you’ll get:

  • A detailed “Getting to know you” worksheet to fill out before we get started ~ $47
  • 6 hour-long coaching calls via Zoom ~ valued at $900
  • 6 Just For You Summaries of each zoom call with personalized insights, recommendations and practical tips ~ valued at $750
  • ✅ An introduction into Breathwork and Mindfulness training – $200
  • A brief overview of how fear works and associated behaviors (with worksheets) – (If this was a corporate training, I’d be charging at least $500) 
  • ✅ A brief overview of behavior management with positive reinforcement (with worksheets) ~ valued at $400
  • Email support between sessions ~ valued at $100
  • ✅ Methods that you can use over and over again as needed ~ PRICELESS!

BONUS! ~  My “Self-Care in a Snap” worksheet designed to help you brainstorm ideas for quick and easy stress reduction in 15 minutes or less ~ valued at $27 (because you can’t think clearly if you’re stressed the heck out!)

Total Value = $2,897

Your Investment = $600

Here’s the thing: I know you’re SICK of living in fear! You want to rely on yourself FIRST, because you know yourself BEST. STOP looking everywhere else for the answers that you need.


  • You’re ready to face and understand your fears in a different way than what you’ve been told. ( Like “Get over it!” or “Stop being scared!” – these don’t work!)
  • You’re ready to get your confidence back, but don’t know how to do it.You’re ready to let go of what DOESN’T work to learn what DOES work best for YOU.
  • You want to tackle the mental blocks that stop you from taking action.
  • You’re also dying to know how to build up your confidence consistently so you can trust yourself to make the best choices for yourself and the ones you love EVEN WHEN LIFE GETS IN THE WAY.


  • You aren’t willing to face and understand your fears. 
  • You aren’t willing to make changes in your life (because in order to live differently, you have to DO different things) even tiny ones for YOUR benefit.
  • You’re so busy doing all the things that you can’t make yourself a priority for one to two hours a week. 
  • You’ve never done coaching before and you just want to test things out. Check out my Water Cooler Strategy Session here.

By the end of the first session, I was looking forward to speaking with you and venting about some of my challenges. 

You understood where I was coming from and connected with me while giving me some of your personal experience. It made as though you do understand and relate to my feelings.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and listening to me. You broke things down for me in a way that I could understand. I truly appreciate all your help and your listening ear.

Adriana J.

Here’s a breakdown of each week in the Fear 2 Fuel Intensive:

Weeks 1 & 2: Intro to Understanding Fear and Mindfulness

Our journey starts with a review of your pre-session questions in the Client Questionnaire. In our session, we’ll dive into the current fears that keep you stuck, figure out how they started and help you understand your fears.

  • Learn about the 4 common fears that stop you in your tracks
  • Identify how fear is showing up in your life and make friends with it
  • Understand that fear is a sign that you’re on the RIGHT track
  • Get an intro into mindfulness, meditation and breathwork

Weeks 3 & 4: Celebrating You

  • Learn about Positive Reinforcement and how it can help move you forward in life
  • Identify your skills, gifts and talents
  • Rediscover past successes (aka your WINS)
  • Discover how these increase your confidence
  • Create affirmations based on your personal history to boost confidence

Weeks 5 & 6: Putting it All Together and review

  • Put all of the steps together
  • Review your progress over the past few weeks
  • Create a plan to  apply lessons learned in the future
  • Connect with what’s most important to you
  • Come up with the next 3 steps you plan on taking after coaching
When you understand how to manage fear when it shows up even with the unknowns in life, you’ll already know that you can handle whatever comes your way. Because you’ll be secure in your gifts, talents and skills.
You can be THIS happy, too!