Chaos 2 Calm: Overthink Less; Decide More

Hola mujer!  

You’re a hard-working Latinx woman who has done amazing things. But, you’ve got new things that you want to achieve, but don’t know what to do next.  

You’ve accomplished things, but overthinking has caused you to lose focus on the things you want right now. Google is your best frenemy and you put things off because you can’t turn your brain off. AND lose sleep at night because the runaway train is still going in your brain. 

Face it, you’ve stopped believing in yourself. 

You’ve got s@#$ to do, but you’re paralyzed by those thoughts. Frustrated that you just can’t turn off your brain. Second-guessing yourself has become second nature and it’s exhausting

You don’t know how to keep these thoughts from stopping you.. You don’t know how to shut them up long enough to hear your own voice. And this HAS to change. NOW.

If you DON’T figure out what to do, procrastination, researching and avoidance will keep being your go-to’s. Even if they don’t work. You don’t want to be stuck in a fog again worrying that you can’t hear you own voice because of the constant racket in your brain. 

You want reliable ways to stop the runaway thoughts so you can be clear on the things you want. And feel confident about your choices and know how to help yourself. 

You’ve tried researching online to find all sorts of tips and tricks to stop the racing thoughts. But, nothing really helps. The interwebs doesn’t seem to help when you’re up late at night thinking too much instead of getting actual sleep. You’ve probably asked your mom, your entire friend group and even strangers on reddit for advice, but it wasn’t getting you anywhere. Most of what you found was just telling you to STOP thinking. Yup! And I’ve got a bridge here in NY to sell you. 😉

Hey love, I love surfing the web too, but it won’t help you find the best solutions to shut down the thoughts so you can hear yourself. 

You need someone who knows what it’s like to live with a runaway brain train and get out of it. Someone who has already walked that mile and learned practical strategies to focus on what she wanted most. 

I created Chaos to Calm: Overthink less; Decide More to help you do just that. 🙂 

Hola, I’m Heiddi and not only am I a behavior expert certified in mindfulness, but I’m also a former overthinker myself.

I get what it’s like to have racing thoughts that keep me from making the healthiest decisions from a place of clarity and confidence.

Here’s what you get:

  • We’ll review the specific junk cluttering your mind and
  • I’ll give you several strategies to challenge those racing thoughts.
  • You’ll also get great examples of how each of the strategies work for the types of thoughts that creep in.
  • One hour, 12 strategies and YOU.

Together, we’ll help you learn easy ways to slow down your brain so you can make decisions faster, with less effort and lots of confidence.

Chaos 2 Calm Investment: $100

Listen, I WAS that person who would overthink EVERYTHING. What to wear, what to eat, which kind of college program would best suit my family (so I wouldn’t upset them by pursuing my dream to be a people helper) and even took 13 years to figure out what kind of business I wanted. 13 YEARS. And those decisions were directly impacted by my overthinking. It’s because of my personal journey that I’m able to share these tools with you. Because guess what? I use them, too. And I KNOW they work. I want to share them with you because no one deserves to agonize over things and suffer. Which is why I created this powerful session. 

I really enjoyed chatting with Heiddi! She was so helpful and encouraging. I really felt seen, heard, and supported, and the resources you shared with me have been so uplifting and on-point. Thank you so much! I am in a totally different space!

Hazel B.

When you clear the fog of racing thoughts, you’ll have more clarity on what you DO want or what you don’t. And you’ll have a ready list of tools to get that clarity. You’ll feel confident in yourself because you know how to get out of your own way. 

This is for you if you’re ready to shut down the runaway brain train, but don’t know HOW to do it. You’re also interested in practical solutions and realize that this isn’t just about getting a hack, it’s about finding the best solution for the moment. 

Book a 30 minute Water Cooler Session to see if we’re a good fit!

Get yourself from racing thoughts to confident decision-making. Because you’re the expert on YOU!

Can’t wait to connect with you!