Meet Heiddi

Hola! I’m Heiddi Zalamar. I’ve a hard time answering the “Who are you?” question because I’m so many things. I consider myself a multi-passionate healer. Mom of two boys, partner, a therapist, writer, people helper, comedienne, friend, introvert, highly sensitive person, deep thinker, dreamer, tarot reader – to name a few roles.

My mission is to make a difference one person at a time. I’m not a driver, but I think of myself as the blindspot in a car – pointing out the things that I notice about the world around me. Reflections and observations that may help people remember how special and amazing and wonderful they are. So much of the world around us is designed to tear us down and numb us from feeling pain. And that makes it hard for us to remember our own magic.

My own healing journey started long ago – during my pregnancy with my eldest more than twenty years ago. I struggled with anxiety and depression due to PTSD, but it was only the start of a long process of accepting, cherishing and loving myself. Growing up, I wasn’t taught to have such a close connection with myself.

In growing this connection, I’ve learned about my strengths, faults and flaws and am learning to accept myself with compassion the way I do for other people. In doing so, I’ve connected with some wisdom that I’d like to share. It’s not about telling others what to do, but how to connect. Connect with the parts of you that may need to heal, to be brought out into the light or shared with your people.

My greatest hope is that you come home to yourself; that you fall in love with who you are so that your connection with you becomes a healthy foundation to grow better connections with the world.

(Please note: I am NOT accepting therapy clients at this time.)

Official Bio
Heiddi Zalamar is a mom of two, therapist and writer. With over 15 years working with others and her own 20+ year healing journey, Heiddi has discovered joy and grounded confidence. She is the ringmaster of her own circus with her 22 year old and 8 year old sons.