Hi Beauty, I see you!

You struggle with procrastination, distraction, indecision or avoidance personally or professionally or both!

Constantly question yourself.

Overwhelmed with so much information.

Distracted by all of the shiny objects instead of focusing on what you NEED or WANT to focus on.

Indecisive because there are SO many options. Or you don’t have enough info to make a decision, so you keep researching and NOT making a choice.

Or worst of all,you do NOTHING because you’re afraid of failing, of making a mistake or starting something that you can’t finish. Which is SO disappointing. Because you’ve had enough setbacks in life that you’re discouraged to try again.

Ugh! You’re ready to do something about it, because you’re sick and tired of agonizing over your decisions, big or small.

HI! I’m Heiddi and I teach Latinx women like YOU (yes you!) to build resilience so they can tackle life’s challenges with courage and confidence.

I’m not a mind reader. I’ve been where you are right NOW.

Back in 2002, I spent a YEAR researching undergraduate programs to finish my degree and over 13 years researching about starting a business. CONSTANTLY questioning myself and agonizing over my choices. I was scared of making the WRONG decision and didn’t think I was good enough to do it. It was AWFUL because I had no one to guide me through. I had to depend on MYSELF. What kept me going was becoming a mother AND losing my own mother a year later. Because I knew Mami died with unfulfilled dreams and held herself back out of fear.

And I didn’t want that for myself.

So I focused on what I COULD control – ME! I believe that YOU can, too! As a behavior management expert certified in mindfulness, I help you understand how your behaviors are really fear in disguise without judging yourself for being afraid. Because guess what – fear is a feeling that EVERY human being has AND it doesn’t have to stop you. You’ve got $h*t to do and you want to use your time wisely to do what’s best for YOU.

And because I’ve been there, done that, I know exactly what it takes to stop the paralysis and get you moving forward.

In fact, you can use fear (and other feelings) as your Inner GPS so that you can blaze your own trail with confidence and courage. 

I still get scared sometimes, but not nearly as often or as severely. Because I KNOW that fear is a passing feeling AND I’m confident in who I am. And it’s because I’ve created my own special system to help myself work through and understand my fear while also building up my confidence so I can take action. My tribe thinks I’m confident and brave. And maybe I am! 

It feels so GOOD to deeply trust and believe in myself.

I realized that when I focused on seeing the best parts of myself, I was able to choose what I wanted to do (go back to college and start my business) and stuck with it despite the challenges I faced. Full-time school, work and a mom/partner (crazy, I know!). I almost quit several times in those 3 years, but found the support I needed from family, friends and even my professors who refused to let me quit. I didn’t always feel capable, but I persevered. As new goals and new challenges come up, the practices of understanding my fears, trusting and believing in myself all continue to anchor me and allow me to move forward with courage and confidence!

I’m a coach today because I have unwavering faith in a person’s ability to change their lives for the better. What I want most is for you to know that YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IT TAKES TO make $h*t happen in your personal and professional life.

This is why I created the Fear 2 Fuel Intensive so that women like YOU, who struggle with trusting themselves, can build resilience so that you can FINALLY tackle life’s challenges with courage and confidence!

Where I got my start

A long, long time ago in an after-school program called the Unitas Therapeutic Community, I met the “Mr. Rogers” in my life, Doc (Dr. Edward Eismann). Two years after that amazing first day of feeling accepted, appreciated and valued, I became an after-school counselor to help other kids feel the same way. I stuck around for 10 years! As a grad student, I remembered that the happiest time of my life was in UNITAS and became a licensed mental health counselor.  The rest is people-helper history.

Why work with me one on one?

  • I’ve been a people helper for over 14 years and a licensed mental health professional since 2011 after 9 years in the corporate world (over 20 years of working my butt off!).
  • I’m a 20+ year veteran working mom and native New Yorker.
  • I’ve struggled with PTSD and low self-esteem. And have used mindfulness, self-awareness and self-care to overcome them. (So I’ve done the hard work that I’d be asking you to do.)
  • I’ve coached and educated hundreds of parents, kids and teens about the importance and impact of trusting and believing in themselves.
  • I’ve embraced my feelings and use them as my Inner GPS to guide all of my decisions and build my dream life with my boys. Been there, done that!

WANNA KNOW some cool STUFF about me?

I’m the Ringmaster and doer of all the things in my circus with my 20 and 7 year old boys (Yep, I like to live on the wild side!).

Mr. Rogers is my Spirit Animal and I want to be like him when I grow up.

Friends is my favorite show and I’m waiting for the boxed DVD set to drop in price because I NEED Friends in my life regularly. (My amazing 20 year old gifted me the Friends Boxed set for Valentine’s Day 2021! Squee!! )

As an introvert and highly sensitive person and Scorpio, I’m hard core about my quiet time.

I’m a Supergeek raising two gentleman supergeeks. Seriously I can’t call my day done without learning one NEW thing everyday. (Mental Floss, Nat Geo and documentaries.)

After over 20 years of healing work, I’ve learned: 

  • I CAN have the things I want. 
  • I HAVE the skills, gifts and talents I need to make my dreams happen.
  • I AM capable.
  • I CAN use my fear (and other feelings) to guide me as my Inner GPS. 

And so can you! 

Here’s the deal!

You don’t have to agonize over your decisions anymore, because you’ll KNOW that you’ve got everything you need to make them. And when you don’t know what to do next, you’re confident you’ll figure out your next move. 

My mission is to help YOU believe and trust yourself deeply so you can finally tackle life’s challenges with courage and confidence!

I have unwavering belief in you!