Oh Mama! I see you. You’re so tired! Dito! Worrying about all the crap you did (and didn’t do) and all the crap you’ve got to do tomorrow. Skipping lunch (or eating junkfood at your desk) and living on coffee. Your mantra is “I wanna run away.”  You dream of alone time, but pouty faces  and guilt stops you from taking it. 

  • You’ve got a packed schedule, but no time to breathe.
  • You drag yourself through the day, but you feel super stressed out and exhausted.
  • You want alone time, but feel guilty taking time away from your family.
  • You want to do fun things to relax, but you’re SO stressed you’ve forgotten what fun is.
  • You’re so fried that you don’t stand up for yourself anymore.
  • Face it, you’ve given up!

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Heiddi, let’s meet for cafe!

I’m not a mind reader, I’ve just been where you are right now.

In 2018, my favorite food was coffee and even though I was struggling in a new role in a less than friendly environment, I didn’t ask for help. I was burnt out and later fired. For the FIRST TIME EVER! I mourned that crazy job even though it left me anxious, insecure and with my self-esteem in the gutter.  “You don’t know how to do this job.” “Maybe you shouldn’t help anyone.” “You’re no good.” These negative thoughts pounded my brain for weeks after being fired.

When I told my teen about my job loss, he worried about the bills. I knew that if I didn’t deal with my junk, it would affect every part of my life, including my sons. And I REFUSED to let this one event affect my babies in any negative way.

Because of them, I turned things around. 

Even though I felt insecure, drained and defeated, I took care of myself. Went back to doing the things I enjoyed doing. And started feeling better. Listening to music, daily writing sessions and quiet walks after dropping off my youngest son at school. A little bit everyday with no pressure or judgment. And lots of compassion for myself. Making time for myself each and every day.

It felt SO GOOD to rediscover myself. 

SSTB 2 14 2020 Finals - 27

To remember who I was underneath all of the layers of my life. Being a good mother and worker was easier because I started to be good to myself. I’d stopped resenting my boys and stopped feeling guilty about my behavior BECAUSE I worked on being connected to myself first.  I was relaxed and happier. And because I was happier, they were, too. Because I made time to put myself first. 

I’m a coach today because I want other busy working moms like you to feel as joyful and happy as I do now while still being a good mom, spouse/partner and worker. 

The better I care for myself, the more confidence I have in my ability to protect and provide for my little family. And I want this for you, too. Because the more you care for yourself, the better you’ll feel and the better YOU feel, the more you’ll be able to be that jefa you know you can be.

This is why I created the Redescubra Coaching Program so that women like YOU can be happier, more relaxed and STILL be the mom, partner and boss you WANT to be!

Let’s chat over coffee, Heiddi!

Where my journey began:

A long, long time ago in an after-school program called the Unitas Therapeutic Community, I met the “Mr. Rogers” in my life, Doc (Dr. Edward Eismann). Two years after that amazing first day of feeling accepted, appreciated and valued (thanks Doc & Val!), I became an after-school counselor to help other kids feel the same way. I stuck around for 10 years! As an adult, I remembered that the happiest I’d been so far was in UNITAS and became a licensed mental health counselor.  The rest is people-helper history.

I’m the right coach for you and here’s why:

  • I’ve been a people helper for 13 years and a licensed mental health professional since 2011 after 9 years in the corporate world (over 20 years of working my butt off!)
  • I’m a Latina working single mom and native New Yorker.
  • I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. And have used self-care to overcome all three. 
  • I’ve coached and educated parents, kids and teens about the importance and impact of self-care.
  • I’ve created a personalized self-care plan that fits me, my lifestyle AND my family. Been there, done that!

SSTB 2 14 2020 Finals - 30Get to know Me Facts:  

  • I’m the ringleader of a three-ring circus with my two boys (ages 19 & 5)
  • My Superpower is I feel EVERYTHING. (I’m an introvert and highly sensitive person).
  • Mr. Rogers is my spirit animal and I want to be like him when I grow up.
  • I’m a geek and aim to learn something new everyday.  

YOU MATTER so very much!

Mira mujer,  you have the RIGHT to take time for yourself. To put yourself FIRST.

You don’t have to come in last place anymore.

My mission is to help YOU create, set and keep time to relax, increase your joy, elevate your mood and uplift your spirit. To be the BEST you for YOU. Without the guilt. 

And bonus – your family gets back the wonderful, amazing YOU they’ve been missing!

Heiddi, let’s meet for cafe!

You CAN have time for you, be happier AND get the support you need from your family.

Because taking care of YOU means taking care of them!


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