4 Common Fears (that Keep You Stuck)

Mujer! Tackle life’s challenges with courage and confidence!

By understanding how fear shows up in YOUR life. Work your way through fear with the Solutions Guide.

As a Latinx woman, the pressure to live up to the ideal causes struggles with procrastination, distraction, indecision or avoidance personally, professionally or both! And you’re desperate to know WHY this happens and how you can help yourself through it. Because you’re so dang TIRED of feeling this way. 

I get it, which is why I created my info-guide, 4 Common Fears (that keep you stuck) so you can learn why this happens and get tips on how to fix it. 

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • The 4 Common Types of Fear that keep you stuck
  • The 4 Common Types of Fear-based behaviors (procrastination, indecision, distraction or avoidance)
  • My quick tips to help you work through fear.

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I had an amazing session with Heiddi today.  Heiddi is such a lovely person, really warm and caring and very insightful.  I found her so easy to talk to and that she really listened and got me.  She really helped me to release some limiting beliefs and fears that I had.   I felt so good and positive afterwards and feel that I made real progress in our session together.  I would highly recommend Heiddi as a coach.

— Sharon O.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You don’t understand why you keep going around in circles
  • You want to stop procrastination, distraction, indecision or avoidance
  • You’re sick of agonizing over every decision you make. Pero ya!!!

Hi I’m Heiddi and the reason I tell you all about this is because I. WAS. YOU.

Back in 2002 I spent a YEAR researching undergrad programs to finish my degree (because I was really scared that my family wouldn’t support me in my goal). And spent over 13 years researching about starting a small business (because I didn’t know if people would want what I had to offer). 

I was scared of making the WRONG decision and didn’t think I was GOOD ENOUGH to make my business dream come true. Ugh!

So rather than taking years to figure out your fears, I created the Solutions Guide: 4 Common Fears that Keep You Stuck so you can FINALLY understand your fear and do something about it in less time than it takes you (or me) to drink a cup of coffee. In 15 minutes, you can examine what’s REALLY stopping you (Fear Type) and how to work through it. 

Because fear isn’t as scary as you think! 

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About Heiddi

Heiddi Zalamar is the founder of HZ Coaching services, where she helps women who struggle with fear and deeply trusting themselves, build resilience so they can tackle life’s challenges with courage and confidence. After 14 years as a behavior expert and her own 20+ year healing journey, Heiddi has discovered joy and grounded confidence. She is the ringmaster of her own circus with her two sons. 🙂