Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

Today is Memorial Day. While it is a day off for most people, it’s a day where we remember every person who has died in service to our country.

I want to send my love and support to all those families impacted by the loss of a loved one in the line of duty.  I’d also like to send love and light to all of the mothers who have been lost in the line of duty.

If you’re remembering a loved one today, my heart goes out to you and thank you isn’t enough. There are no words to accurately describe the depths of loss, so I won’t. Words just aren’t enough sometimes.

Take some time today to reflect on your freedom. That there are people who have sacrificed their lives for you. For me. For all of us. You matter so much.

And if you’re like me, who has been fortunate enough to not have lost a loved on in service to our country, please reach out to friends and neighbors who are remembering their fallen loved ones.

Breathe in this beautiful day and give thanks that we’re all here to see it.

white and red flag
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