Mother’s Day Special Offer!


Hiya Mamas! The day is approaching. That wonderful day where you’re the center of attention and you are receiving the applause that you deserve every single day.

The day when you wake up to breakfast in bed, with coffee and then a stealth mission to get everybody decently dressed to head out to your favorite (and crowded) restaurant for a meal. And then back home to get everyone ready for the coming week.

And then it’s over. Your special day is gone in a blink and everyone forgets how special it was. Because the gift stops there.

It happens because….

You end up getting the same things every year – flower, candy or dinner out. It is a momentary change in your regular routine and then you go back to the stress, drama and chaos of your regular schedule.

Now flowers, candy and dinner are all wonderful gifts. They are thoughtful and lovely.

The problem is you eat the candy, have dinner and the flowers will eventually die.

You go through all of that and end up wishing there was more. That you could make those wonderful feelings last longer. The feelings of appreciation and love. Of getting the attention you deserve.

And because I wanted exactly that for you, I created…..

The Mother’s Day Self-Care Special¬†

Right before mother’s day for many years, I struggled to figure out what to get my own mom. As a teen, I had no clue what to get Mami that wasn’t a trinket that she would just hide in her room somewhere (I know she hid them because I found them later while cleaning out my closet).

I didn’t want to get her the same old tired flowers, candy and dinner out. I wanted to knock her socks off with my gift.

To WOW her and make her eyes bug out. (Seriously, I love giving gifts that people will really enjoy!)

I wanted to do something amazing that she would talk to her friends about. I wasn’t looking for any pats on the back. I just wanted to make a grand gesture for the mom I loved so much. That on her special day, I could thank her for everything she did for me.

And she was no help either. Mami would usually say, “Just get me whatever you want. I’m sure I’ll like it.” And then I was stuck again trying to figure out what the hell to get her. Argh!!

Keeping that in mind, (and because we moms have such a hard time asking for what we want and need), I created a special offer just for YOU!

Really, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will you find time for you and do the self-care you need to reduce stress, increase energy, elevate mood and uplift the spirit, your family will thank me because I gave them a great idea for your Mother’s day gift.

Check out my special offer here and send it to your partner, kids, parents and bff’s.¬†Let them know what you want so you can save them the grief of finding a special gift for you. I already did the hard work so they wouldn’t have to.

Because let’s be real, when they have to work hard, you end up taking over and doing it better anyway. Haha!

Have a great week fellow mama!

Take a peek and get on this special offer quick, the sale ends May 8th and spots are limited!


Published by Heiddi

Heiddi is a women's empowerment coach. She helps women who struggle to deeply trust themselves, build resilience so they can tackle life's challenges with courage and confidence!

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