Quit Being So Hard on Yourself


I love this quote from Erma Bombeck. Her book, Forever Erma is a collection of her hilarious columns all about life and motherhood. (Read it and it’ll crack you up!) I found her book at a flea market somewhere. (It was such a long time ago, but this book really uplifted my spirit.)

She’s been gone since 1996, but her words still matter today. Because seriously, who has ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed?

The world won’t fall apart if you have dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Or if you give your kids junk food from a local place when you don’t have energy to cook. Or if you have the kids to grab some snacks themselves (age appropriate of course). After all, you are the one who lives your life. No one knows what it’s like to be in your shoes unless you clue them in.

I (and Erma) believe that motherhood is what you make it. You get to decide the kind of mom you want to be. It’s already a huge job to grow a human being in your body, get them out and then teach them to be great people WITHOUT the added guilt and pressure from the world around you. You rock, busy working mom!

Find what works for you and quit being so hard on yourself if things aren’t perfect. It’s impossible to live a perfect life because we aren’t perfect. We mess up, make mistakes and keep going.

So, if your kid falls asleep on a messy bed, enjoy the fact that they are sleeping (or napping) and take time for you.

Write in your journal for 5 minutes.

Drink coffee.

Read a chapter in your favorite book (or read Erma’s book).

Just breathe and enjoy the moment.

Quit being so hard on yourself. You ARE good enough. You ARE deserving of quiet time. You MATTER. And you ARE amazing!

Have yourself a great start to the week by enjoying the moment. Take the time to be gentle with yourself and get the self-care you need to have a great day!



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Heiddi is a women's empowerment coach. She helps women who struggle to deeply trust themselves, build resilience so they can tackle life's challenges with courage and confidence!

4 thoughts on “Quit Being So Hard on Yourself

    1. I love her, too. I have a copy of “Forever Erma” and I need to whip that out when I need a pick-me-up. It’s a great read. Thanks for visiting!

    2. ooh, Let me know when you do so we can chat about it. lol I love hearing other perspectives. Thanks for visiting friend! 🙂

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