Self-Care Sessions – Ep. 3: Single Mom Truths

Hiya readers! Welcome to Episode 3 of the Self-Care Sessions!

Snapchat-111750867This time around I wanted to share the story of fellow single mom, Andrea Cunningham who runs the hilarious Instagram account, Single Mom Truths.  I’ve NO idea how I found her (probably when I got stuck in the vortex of the search function on Instagram), but I’m so glad I did! She makes me laugh, lets me cry (because let’s be real – sometimes needing to cry and getting permission is SO helpful) and reminds me to give myself a pat on the back for being a great mom. Read on below to learn more about Andrea and Single Mom Truths.

Hiya doll! I’m so happy that you’ve stopped by to visit. So let’s jump right in! How did Single Mom Truths get started?

I was seeing a lot of funny parenting/mom/single memes on Pinterest and Facebook and they would make me laugh and smile. I could relate to so many of them and thought that posting them on Instagram could be a fun way to reach out to other single moms (or single dads, married parents, single people, etc). Maybe they could be the source of encouragement to someone who needs it, or put a smile on someones face on a stressful day.

Oh yes! Humor is a great way to encourage others. I love it! What started this journey for you?

I have been a single mom for over 8 years now and its been a struggle, emotionally, physically, financially. And I don’t have anyone in my personal life who can relate to my journey as none of my friends or family are single moms who work full time. I found it hard to find anyone to talk to about my struggles because none of them had gone through what I had. Single motherhood has been a lonely journey for me, and I was trying to make it less lonely for me, and others.

I can definitely relate to the struggles of being a single mom. That’s why I’m so glad you started Single Moms Truths! So, what’s your mission with Single Mom Truths?

I don’t really have a mission! Its more like I just hope that silly memes, or words of encouragement that I post can help make someone smile and feel less alone.

Well on behalf of myself (and everyone who comes across your hilariousness) I want to thank you so much! Because I definitely feel lighter and more understood because of your silly memes.  And I do feel less alone. Who do you seek to empower with your work?

Mostly single moms! Single working moms like me. But really anyone who needs support or a laugh.

I’m glad that you focus on single working moms (myself included) because they sorely need encouragement. It’s awesome that everyone else can enjoy your posts, too. After all, everyone can use humor as self-care. What does self-care and wellness mean to you?

Oh gosh, I don’t really know how to answer this one. To be honest, I’m not really good at self care and wellness! Working and taking care of my kids can be very overwhelming, and oftentimes I find myself close to a break down! But I think Single Mom Truths is part of my self care. Especially in recent months as more and more people message me saying how much my page has helped them! Makes me feel good.

I think moms in general have a hard time with self care. Mom guilt is strong! You feel you need to give your all to your kids, but in order to be a good mom, you need to take care of yourself as well. So for me, I try to read or write, or find a good Netflix TV show!

(See ladies? Andrea is giving you permission to take care of YOU. ) Yes, the mom guilt is very real. And you already know that Single Mom Truths is part of my daily self-care because girl – you’re so dang funny! Now, tell me one fun fact about you that people wouldn’t know by looking at you.

Fun fact about me……hmmmm….well I don’t know if its a fun fact, but I collect Barbie Dolls! I LOVE Barbies.

Ooh, I’d love to see pics of your collection. lol You may have some that I had as a kid. So, what can folks expect from you and Single Mom Truths in 2019?

I think more of the same, funny and encouraging memes. But I am also going to start working on videos on Instagram and some Vlogs for my Single Moms Facebook page. I think videos are a good way to make a personal connection with people. And will probably be therapeutic self care for me at the same time.

Awesome! It’s great to know that single moms (and everyone else) will have more funny and encouraging messages to look forward to from you and Single Mom Truths. Happy dancing here! Thank you so much for sharing here, Andrea. 

There you have it friends. Isn’t Andrea amazing?! Love her! Please make sure to follow her on Instagram and check out the Single Moms Facebook page. You won’t regret making Single Mom Truths part of your daily self-care.



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