Welcome busy working mom!  

You CAN de-stress without the guilt!cropped-20181103_1411432

Hi, my name’s Heiddi. I’m so glad you’re here! If you are a busy working mom trying to do a million things perfectly, then keep reading. 

I help busy working moms like you de-stress without the guilt so you can be the best YOU for you and your crew. I know this matters to you because you WANT to get “me” time, feel appreciated and be happier in your life. Let’s get your self-care on!

Imagine, you can have your own sidekick (Me) to help you:

  • Find the time you need for YOU. Every. Single. Day. 
  • Ditch the GUILT for taking time for yourself.
  • Quickly say NO in a loving, easy and guilt-free way.

You know that self-care is SO important, but you:

  • feel guilty about doing things alone instead of with your family
  • have 879165431 things to do and not enough time to do them or
  • feel selfish for even THINKING about taking time for yourself or
  • don’t want to your family upset with you.

Face it, your family can hurt you the most because you love THEM the most. 

And because you love them, you stay tired, frustrated, unappreciated and alone without time to do anything for you.

YOU hold on, push through and get stuff done. OR you can put the super back in your life. 

As a single working mom, I’ve had fights with myself about the same things as you.  I KNOW that I deserve self-care. To feel happy and energized. I found my guilt-free self-care and want that for you, too! Let me be YOUR partner and take you to a much happier and less stressed you!

Heiddi this is SO amazing, I WANT IN!

  Book a Discovery session right now so we can work together to help you de-stress without the guilt!