Fear isn’t as scary as you think.

Fear is a feeling. And it shows up in

the most unusual ways.

Check out my guide and learn about

4 Common Fears that keep you stuck.

Finally have the courage and confidence to know what’s best for YOU — even when life gets in the way.

And I say this as a work-from-home mom of two boys who helps with remote learning. Yeah.


Do you struggle with decision-making – big or small? Cycle through procrastination, distraction, indecision or avoidance? Do you struggle with believing that you know what’s best for you? Then I’m talking to you, girlfriend!

Here’s the thing – you’ve done things in life. Maybe you’ve gotten your degree, built a career or created a family. Somewhere in your journey, you’ve been discouraged from doing what you WANT to do. You’ve made mistakes. Or you’ve made bad decisions. (But who hasn’t?) Because of setbacks, you don’t trust yourself. Or worse, somehow you grew up without trusting yourself and thought the way to get through life was to trust everyone else’s opinions more than your own. 

Except – no one can properly give you advice or even an opinion, because they don’t walk in your shoes or even know what it’s like to live in your world. Because you (and all of us) are uniquely made with your quirks, character and life experience. 

PSST! If you’re a woman who struggles with trusting herself, I’ve got a secret for you………

There’s no one better to guide you than YOU.  

Here’s what else I know about you: 

  • It takes FOREVER to make even the smallest decisions because you wonder how it will affect you or your family. 
  • You AGONIZE over your choices because you don’t want to make a mistake that you can’t take back. Because every mistake becomes a broken record in your brain.
  • You FREEZE because there are SO many options. One google search and you’re done!
  • You PUT OFF making decisions because you don’t have enough information to make a good one. So you keep researching. Indecisive much? 
  • You‘re a level 10 procrastinator because you don’t know how things will turn out and you want to be 100% sure that EVERYTHING will be okay. If you had a crystal ball, life would be much easier!

And you don’t know how to stop it.

My Vibe

As someone who struggled with decision-making for years, I know first-hand why it’s sooo hard to make choices. I was stuck in the procrastination, indecision, avoidance and uncertainty cycle for a very long time.

Constantly looking for advice about the right thing to do in all things, but looking to manage my fears and build up my self-confidence. I was REALLY looking for confirmation that I was more than good enough to make the best choices for me. Read my story!

My approach is to help you dismantle the fears that keep you stuck and uplevel your confidence so that you can live with more courage and confidence. After doing this kind of work for over 14 years, it’s my sweet spot! Whether it’s starting a business, going back to school or getting healthier, we often look outside of ourselves for solutions. Instead, I help you look within for solutions. Because you’re the expert on YOU.  

How We can Work together

For a quick one and done session, you can book a Water Cooler Strategy Session, a Pay What You Want zoom call where you get me one on one so you can learn what fear REALLY is so you can work through it quickly. In this hour-long call, we’ll help you identify which of the 4 common fears keeps you stuck and help you find strategies to help you take action on your goals. Plus you can help me get my 8 cups of water in. Ha!

If you need more support, check out my Fear 2 Fuel Intensive – my 6-week coaching program, where we meet to deep dive into fear and how it shows up in your life, dismantle it so it no longer keeps you stuck, use fear (and your other feelings) as an Inner GPS to guide your steps and reconnect to your own gifts, skills and talents as well as to celebrate yourself.

Heiddi is such a lovely person, really warm and caring and very insightful.  I found her so easy to talk to and that she really listened and got me.   She really helped me to release some limiting beliefs and fears that I had.   I felt so good and positive afterwards and feel that I made real progress in our session together.  I would highly recommend Heiddi as a coach.

Sharon O.

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