Want to Work with Me?

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Blogging opportunities: Hire me to blog for you. I have several years of experience with topics including: Parenting, Mental health & Wellness, NYC, Writing, Inspiration and many more! Contact me via email at HZalamar AT gmail DOT com.

Past clients include Life with Bob, Mommy’s LinksQuips and Tips for Successful Writers. Examiner, The Asian Parent, Store Brand Formula, Flaimahmy.com and BeAFreelanceBlogger.com.

Reviews: I do NOT do reviews. Any reviews done here are those that I’ve paid for and wanted to share in relation to Mental Health, wellness and positivity.

Social Media Tutorials: I am a highly experienced and prolific Twitter user. If you are new to Twitter, I can help with account set up and growing meaningful relationships to let others know about your product, event or service. Contact me to learn more! If you are new to Twitter, I can help you set up an account and teach you the ins & outs of Twitter. Check me out on Twitter: Heiddiz.

For any of the above services, please email me for rates. Need to know more about me? Read here or my LinkedIn for professional experience.

Updated May 2017

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One thought on “Want to Work with Me?

  1. Hi Heiddi 🙂

    Thank you so much for the response to my cousin Jennifer’s posting on momslikeme.com. Truly appreciate it! Couldn’t agree with you more on everything you said. I have someone working on building me a new site as I type, so I look forward to having something that will bring people back. I wanted that awareness page to be formatted as a blog, it was difficult for me to do that with the programs I was using, but that’s definitely being changed! Love the idea for a separate site page and adding the why people should be interested.

    You have been so helpful with your comments! Thank you again for your help!

    Wishing you many peaceful and creative days
    Sincerely Raeven

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