Yesterday morning, 1010 WINS announced that Marist College released the results of a poll of 1000 participants asked what superpower they would choose from a list of five. The five superpowers were: time travel, mind reading, flying like Superman, invisibility and teleporting.

As I was listening to this report, I thought about several things. What superpower would I choose? Why does this poll even matter? And how cool it was to think about something other than the craziness of congressman’s resigning, people killing each other, and the protests in Egypt.

I also thought about all the shows I watched as a kid. Wonder Woman with her golden whip, He-man with his sword and other superheros of my youth. As a single mom though, I’d probably choose the ability to teleport.

When I thought of flying like Superman, all I could think about was how cold it would be to fly in this weather. And mind-reading, I wouldn’t want to know what people REALLY thought of me. As for in invisibility, it rates the same as mind-reading. The only difference is that people can’t see you while they’re talking about you. And time-travel doesn’t appeal either as it would change history or simply confuse me.

So teleporting it is. To shut my eyes and travel with the speed of thought. Get kiddo to school on time, travel quickly during my day job or run away to Fiji when I want to escape? Sounds pretty good in my book!

Have a great day!

Vacation from Writing

Well, a break from writing has been helping. I’ve never taken an extended vacation from writing, but I really needed it. The day job has definitely been consuming my attention lately and when I get home, I crash. Writing seems to be the last thing on my mind along with sitting at my home computer after staring at one all day at work.

I hope that this break will give me enough time to relax and recharge my batteries. šŸ™‚

Bottled up

Lately it seems I’ve been keeping things inside. Rather than using my writing as therapy, I push my stuff aside. I managed to journal about five minutes today about things that I’m grateful for and things that I’m hopeful for.

To switch gears and boost my ego, I bought a portfolio for all of my print work. I have a couple of newsletters to add to it so my print collection can grow. And as a creativity booster, I also got a travel scrapbook for all of my Winter 2008 cruise memories. Something simple with some lined pages, pages with pockets (like folders) and travel images throughout. Should be interesting to see what comes from that.

I also went to visit some of my friends from the after-school program I went to as a kid. I’ve been throwing around an idea to put together a collection of essays of people who went through the program. I also thought again about my book about my journey as a Catholic. I haven’t written much other than going through my photo album to inspire my writing for each chapter. Yes, I have chapters planned out and organized. Now to get writing. šŸ™‚