Riding the Banana Boat Wave (Sponsored Post)

Summertime is here and the Banana Boat has sailed in with new products. When I received the invite for the event from fellow blogger, SelfishMom aka Amy, I was instantly reminded of the Banana Boat sunscreen that I’ve used for my son.

Last Saturday, I had the chance to check out Banana Boat’s new product – Natural Reflect – an new organic product designed to provide great protection without all of the harmful ingredients.With games and activities for the kids, Banana Boat gave us parents the chance to check out how well Natural Reflect worked. I didn’t get that chance as my pre-teen took up a spot on Amy’s couch.

Natural Reflect was set up outside in Amy’s backyard. One thing I noticed right away was the SPF of 50. My son is much lighter in complexion than I am, so I always look to a higher SPF to keep him protected and out in the sun longer. I also noted that there were two types of Natural Reflect Sunscreen – one just for kids and one for adults. The more I learned about it, the more I tweeted about it.

For years, Banana Boat has taken up residence in my home. Every summer, I get new sunscreen for kiddo to use to enjoy the sun without the harmful effects. It’s great to know that Banana Boat continues to share great, new products. All in all, I had a great time learning about Natural Reflect from Banana Boat and hanging out with my fellow bloggers. Thanks Banana Boat and thanks Amy!

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