Thanks for the laughs Sherman – A Tribute

“Well, I’m moving on up! To the East side!” Some of my first memories of family night with my mom came from watching Sherman Helmsley as George Jefferson in The Jeffersons. I don’t know what made us laugh harder – his trademark dancing, yelling at Weezy or his verbal sparring with Florence.

I was instantly brought back to those nights with my mom when I heard the sad news of Helmsley’s passing. As George, Sherman was hilarious, arrogant and self-centered. But he was also the character you loved to hate and still loved anyway.

I remember Helmsley’s amazing work in the racism episode where George gave cpr to a man who was a racist (ie super negative) towards him. George saved the man’s life. And Sherman Helmsley was endeared to me forever.

After the Jeffersons, I saw Helmsley in Amen (loved him there, too) and in various other spots. But, my love for Helmsley started on The Jeffersons. Thanks Sherman for all of the laughs.
RIP Sherman Helmsley (1938 – 2012)

And the man and his dance. Enjoy!

The Real George Jefferson Dance