Glam-Me Bronx Edition

MommysLinks GNO

Mommy’s Links is back with another edition of Glam-Me: Girls Night Out this time in my home zone of the Bronx! On June 9th from 6 – 10pm, ladies 21 and over will be glammed up with hair, make-up and more in conjunction with Zumba Mamas of Fusion Fitness. With over 25 vendors (and more!), Mommy’s Links with have the ladies fit, gorgeous and satisfied with a fun workout, drinks, giveaways and raffles plus a dj to give you some shimmy to your shake!

Come join Mommy’s Links in giving you the pampering YOU deserve. Get your tickets today and use code 5Off to save $5 off of your ticket! What a great way to celebrate Girls Night Out saving money and having a blast!

Make sure to purchase your ticket soon to guarantee a swag bag of goodies to enjoy at home. And make sure to let them know I sent you. See you there!

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Glam-Me Brooklyn Edition – May 10, 2012

Hello ladies! I’m back to announce that Mommyslinks first Glam-Me event was so successful, two more Glam-Me events have been scheduled.

Mommy’s Links has a great lineup of pampering events, ALL INCLUDED FREE with admission!  Plus, they are giving away some awesome door prizes and raffles!  If you are waiting for the last minute to purchase, the last minute is here!  Go to enter code “MommysLinks” to get the last minute $10 off discount, so your ticket is only $25!  Where else can you get so many services, win prizes, mingle with old and new friends, have a few glasses of wine and celebrate National Moms Night Out for that price???  Be sure to mention that I sent you!

Visit Mommy’s Links for the most up to date info on the event, including vendors, services, prizes and goodie bag goodies:

I’ll see you on May 10th. Be there or be square! Cheers!

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MommysLinks “Glam Me” Giveaway

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Either way you get your ticket, I’ll be there so come on down divas!


Catching up with myself

This week brought me one major accomplishment – passing my licensing exam. I rarely share it here, but one career goal is to be a licensed professional in my field.  No more waiting for the exam date, no more stressing out over what I know or don’t know and no more darn studying.

I’d been studying for seven months now and felt stuck in other aspects of my life because I was waiting to pass this one exam. I stuck with it because I knew that gaining my licensure would open many doors.  I’m in shock right now that something I set out to do six years ago has finally come to pass.

I realized that this morning as I shared the news with a friend. Six years from the time I started grad school until now. The first thing I wanted to do was sleep because I hadn’t slept well for several nights prior to the exam. To suddenly have the weight of this lifted from my shoulders and see this huge goal achieved has really caused me to stop and reflect on what I want to do next.

Of course, the next step is to find a new dayjob with my shiny, new license (ie better pay and better hours). Then I started thinking of what else I wanted to accomplish because I really can do anything I put my mind to.  So, I thought about my writing.

I’ve felt stunted in the writing process simply because it wasn’t my central focus for the last several months. I still wrote, but not in a planful way because I didn’t make the time for it. My time was for studying and building up my self-confidence for the exam.

I’ve now been doing research on breaking into magazines (yet again), but with small goals in mind. I’m starting with fillers just to get my feet wet. I’m also doing research on effective blogging so that I can grow The Freshman Writer blog as well as to market myself better as a blogger in general.

I can see that my writing talent now is in blogging. Since I know I can blog, why not put my energy into it? Other ways I’m catching up with myself is to focus on things that I love doing – writing, reading and having time to myself. I really missed just being me.

My Date with Regis & Kelly

Well, the hot topic of this week is my date last week with Regis & Kelly. A wonderful friend of mine (@elgeorgia on twitter) mentioned that she got tickets to the show. When I told her I couldn’t stand her, she said that she’d like for me to go. You know I began showering her with compliments after that!

Needless to say, I had an amazing time! The show was great with Regis & Kelly so warm and welcoming to the audience. Gelman was great, too, in making everyone feel comfortable. The studio was very intimate and I felt like I was at home watching on television, except I couldn’t hug the tv the way I hugged Kelly after meeting her.

That’s right, I went with my pal and her two sons to meet Regis & Kelly. Regis is an absolute gentleman and Kelly, she’s just amazing. Below is my shot with Kelly. My pal truly made it my month! lol Maybe even my year just for this invite. Thanks again @Elgeorgia. Love you!


Yesterday morning, 1010 WINS announced that Marist College released the results of a poll of 1000 participants asked what superpower they would choose from a list of five. The five superpowers were: time travel, mind reading, flying like Superman, invisibility and teleporting.

As I was listening to this report, I thought about several things. What superpower would I choose? Why does this poll even matter? And how cool it was to think about something other than the craziness of congressman’s resigning, people killing each other, and the protests in Egypt.

I also thought about all the shows I watched as a kid. Wonder Woman with her golden whip, He-man with his sword and other superheros of my youth. As a single mom though, I’d probably choose the ability to teleport.

When I thought of flying like Superman, all I could think about was how cold it would be to fly in this weather. And mind-reading, I wouldn’t want to know what people REALLY thought of me. As for in invisibility, it rates the same as mind-reading. The only difference is that people can’t see you while they’re talking about you. And time-travel doesn’t appeal either as it would change history or simply confuse me.

So teleporting it is. To shut my eyes and travel with the speed of thought. Get kiddo to school on time, travel quickly during my day job or run away to Fiji when I want to escape? Sounds pretty good in my book!

Have a great day!

Joy and how I found it again

This week’s Prosperous Writer newsletter by Christina Katz asked its readers to talk about joy. I had to stop and think for a while on this because I forgot when I lost my joy.

I know that my highly stressful day job worked me to the bone, kept me from spending quality time with kiddo and got me into easy spats with my son’s father. When the usual case was for me to be a trooper and joyfully live well, it just wasn’t so from April through the first week of June.

Thanks to the advice of my wonderful pastor, I went to a weekend retreat for women in Riverdale, NY. Yes, still in the Bronx, but far enough for me to find my joy again. A weekend for me to breathe, not worry about kiddo or cooking and sleeping in a box big enough to hold a twin-sized bed, simple desk and sink.

I had time to separate myself from those things that were stealing my joy primarily the day job, not sleeping or eating well and not spending enough time with my favorite kid in the whole wide world. It was enough for me to be joyful again. Not necessarily well-rested or with a hearty appetite again, but enough to make some changes. Looking for a new job and spending time away from the computer until I found the joy again in writing, which I had also lost as a result of the stress from the job.

The only writing I did over the weekend was journaling my thoughts and conversations with God. Complaining of course, but also to ask what was the point of all of this for me. Regardless of the answer, I was able to hear and accept it with a joyful, open heart.

That first weekend in June allowed me to regain a sense of appreciation for everything in my life and allowed me space from the joylessness of my job. Joy is about being able to laugh in the midst of hard times and remembering why I’m doing the things that I do. Remembering that I want to help others through counseling as well as through writing and remembering that my child brings me joy.

I had forgotten that in the midst of the chaos of several weeks and reconnected with my spirit. By doing so, I was able to let go of a lot of anger and negativity. And recuperated my joy. Joy in myself, my writing and my life.

Good Health

Well, I received my newsletter The Properous Writer from Christina Katz. Another great issue discussing good health for writers. Christina asked her readers how they practice good health.

I admit that I don’t sleep well or consistently. I’m glued to the television sometimes and then can’t fall asleep. Not because there is something good on, but because I love my couch and tv. But, I do other things to promote my good health.

I make sure to eat well everyday. I’m not always successful, but I have managed to get more veggies into my diet everyday to get at least two servings a day. This was a big acheivement for me. I’m also drinking more water and exercising as much as I can. My day job requires me to travel everyday so I take advantage of it by walking and taking the stairs regularly. I’ve been doing well with it so far.

Making time for fun is a big part of my good health. I play board and card games with my family. I also keep in touch with family and friends by meetig in person, calling or emailing. I feel that many people, not just writers, forget that good health includes fun. So there’s my good health plan. 🙂 Now, I need to work on getting more sleep.

I’m getting back to basics

Or at least trying to. I’ve been awol from writing for a couple of months. I’ve been waiting on inspiration and so I wrote about getting back to what it is about writing that writers like. I came up with great questions. I know why I like to write. It gets out all this stuff floating around in my head. And I like helping others as well. Still evaluating and processing. No goals for now other than to get back to basics so I can get back to writing.