Notable Quotable

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. This week’s quote is from The Lion King, which I had the pleasure of previewing last weekend. (Thanks again to Mommyslinks!).

As writers, I feel that we focus a lot on who we are (or are not) and sometimes forget that we’re not alone in this. In the movie, Simba has a spiritual encounter with his father who reminds Simba that in forgetting himself, he has also forgotten his father.

It is very important for all writers to remember the writers who came before us. In their works, they remind today’s writers that they are not alone. Every time you feel lost and alone as a writer, read the first book, essay or manuscript that inspired you to become a writer. When you remember them, you remember yourself and your writing dreams. Whether it’s Joyce Carol Oates, Sylvia Plath, or Stephen King. Someone inspired you Freshman Writers to pick up a pen (or turn on the computer) to share your stories and thoughts.

“In forgetting yourself, you have forgotten me. Remember who you are. Remember.”

~ Mufasa a.k.a. James Earl Jones (The Lion King)

Also, for more inspiration from the movie, check out The Lion King 3-D for two weeks only starting September 16, 2011.

Notable Quotable

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. Today’s quote follows this week’s editorial about establishing boundaries.

As writers, you must set the tone and let others know that writing is your priority. Thanks to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, here’s a quote that will inspire you Freshman Writers to get those boundaries in place and you to writing.

Happy Writing!

‘Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least”

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Notable Quotable

Welcome Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing.

Today’s Notable Quotable means so much to me today as I decided to take the day off from work (day job). Ever since dropping kiddo off at school, I’ve been vegging on the couch watching and napping to daytime tv. lol Very different from my usual crazy, hectic routine. The writer here really knew what she was talking about. So here’s the Notable Quotable of the week. Enjoy and happy writing!

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort ~ Jane Austen

Notable Quotable

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. Since Monday’s editorial was about playing to get back to writing, I thought a good quote about play would be a good fit. Enjoy!

Choose to have fun.
Fun creates enjoyment.
Enjoyment invites participation.
Participation focuses attention.
Attention expands awareness.
Awareness promotes insight.
Insight generates knowledge.
Knowledge facilitates action.
Action yields results…”

~ Oswald B. Shallow

Notable Quotable

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. Today’s quote is about happiness. I chose this because my positivity box has been running low lately. Pair that with a head cold that put me behind and I’ve got a case of the negatives.

Today’s quote comes from someone I think was a life-long optimist. She had many great challenges in her life, but she kept upbeat and positive. I don’t know how I would have dealt with the challenges she faced, but she did and overcame them. She was someone who chose to be happy. She didn’t wait around for happiness to come to her, rather, she brought happiness to herself. So, here’s to Helen Keller – the eternal optimist. Happy Writing!

“Your success and happiness lie in you…Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties” ~ Helen Keller (June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968)

Notable Quotable

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. In my last post, I shared my recommended reading list with you to show you how I learn about writing. Hoping you’re getting  a lot out of that list so far.

Today’s quote comes from another famous writer – Ralph Waldo Emerson. In my sharing my reading list with you, I also wanted to share that sometimes an inspiring editorial or funny essay or someone’s mistake can be enough to push you towards your writing dream.

In reading Emerson’s quote, I found it not only to be a great visual, but a child-like reminder to take your dreams for a ride! Enjoy!

Hitch your wagon to a star ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Notable Quotable

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. Today’s Notable Quotable is one about being considerate to other writers. Sometimes in our search for information to help us become great writers, we forget that we can also serve others by sharing information.

I believe that everyone can teach and learn. Take some time to share a nugget of wisdom with other writers. If you’re a technical writer, teach that. If you like poetry, share why you like it. Writers can learn from sharing the love of writing with one another. Here’s a quote for you Freshman Writers to think about.

“Learning is a social process that occurs through interpersonal interaction within a cooperative context. Individuals, working together, construct shared understandings and knowledge.”
David Johnson, Roger Johnson and Karl Smith, Active Learning: Cooperation in the College Classroom, Edina, MN: Interaction Book Co., 1991.

Share some nuggets today! Happy Writing and teaching.

Notable Quotable

Hiya Freshman Writers! Welcome to another edition of the Notable Quotable.

This week’s quote come from Alan Lacy, a businessman who was the last CEO for Sears, Roebuck and Company. While his quote has a bit of a business slant, it applies to writers and ties into this week’s editorial about taking on too much. So here it is:

Everybody is cutting back a bit, but our focus has been to structurally change how we do business because how we do business is not working.

~Alan Lacy

Lacy was a smart man. For writers, the message in this quote rings true because we writers constantly have to evaluate and revise our path to success. By revisiting our journey as writers, we can tweak it to suit current needs and goals.

We can also change our writing plans when we feel overwhelmed. If how you write (or who you write for) isn’t working, then chnage it so that it works best for you.

Happy Writing!

Fav Friday

Hiya Freshman Writers! Welcome to another edition of Fav Friday. Today’s Fav Friday item isn’t a thing; it’s a person (or persons).

This week’s editorial was about pushing through difficult projects/writing challenges. The Notable Quotable reflected that as well.

What helps me get through writing challenges are my friends; people that I can rely on to give me a pep talk or ego boost when I need a reminder that I am capable of writing and writing well.

So my Fav Friday item is friendship. When you have friendship, Freshman Writers, you are very rich indeed.

Happy Easter weekend and happy writing!

Notable Quotable

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. Today’s quote is brought to you by Claude M. Bristol. After a stint in the military during World War I, Bristol became a journalist writing for various newspapers. In addition, he wrote a book entitled, “The Magic of Believing.” Bristol wrote about the power of thought and how people could reach their goals by believing. Simply having faith was enough. If you Freshman Writers believe in yourselves and believe that you CAN write and be published, then you will be. But, Bristol went a step further with today’s quote:

~It’s the constant and determined effort that breaks down resistance, sweeps away all obstacles.

Freshman Writers, keep up the work, maintain faith in yourselves as writers and the challenges you face will be pushed aside. They will not stop you from writing and being published. Daily writing, reading of the craft and putting yourselves out there will take you to new places in your freelance writing career.

Happy Writing!