It’s “I Love to Write Day”

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. Today’s post comes in the exact middle of NanoWriMo. I tried Nano last year and I couldn’t get through it. In celebrating November 15 – “I Love to Write” Day, I hope you can share why you love to write. My goal is to help you Nanoers get back on track as well as any writer’s block sufferers and beginning writers who don’t know where to begin.

Sometimes the thing we love to do most is hard because we get drained, tired and frustrated. I know I get that way. So I’ll start.

I love to write because:

1) I love expressing myself.

2) I love helping others.

3) I need to write.

4) I love making others laugh.

5) I love to encourage others.

6) I like to pay it forward because I’ve been moved by other writers.

Share why you love to write in the comments section below. Be motivated and Happy Writing!

It’s NanoWriMo Time!

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. It’s that time of year again folks. What time? Not gear up for Thanksgiving time. And it’s not Black Friday time. It’s NanoWriMo time!

If you haven’t heard of NanoWriMo – it stands for National Novel Writing Month. From November 1 – 30, you can take on the challenge of writing a novel or manuscript (50, 000 words). No editing; just writing. I myself signed up for NanoWriMo, but ended up quitting after a week and a half due to home and work obligations. Maybe next year, since I’m not up for it this year either.

Freshman Writers, this is a great way to get some fire in your bellies and write that book you have inside of you. It doesn’t matter the topic, genre or language. All that matters is that you get the project out of your brain and on to the page (or computer screen).Ā  You can do this! I believe in you. If my pals on Twitter can do it, so can you.

Go to NanoWriMo and register. Not only will you find online support groups and a buddy system, you’ll also find NanoWriMo meet-up groups that will allow you to connect with other challenge participants in your area. Check it out and good luck! Make sure to report back at the end of the month.

Happy Writing!

Nano Madness

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. Welcome to November!

If you haven’t heard about NaNoWriMo yet, here it is. NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month, which is this month. It is a challenge to write a book-length project in 30 days starting today.

If you take the challenge and succeed, Freshman Writers, you’ll have a book to edit in December. You can also collect and post a nifty badge on your portfolio or website for display. Or at the very least, you’ve disciplined yourself to write everyday.

For more information on NaNoWriMo read on here. Please come back and post your goals for NaNoWriMo. I’d love to hear about it! Good luck and Happy November!

PS – to all my writer pals out there participating in NaNoWriMo, way to go and I’m going to be cheering for you! šŸ™‚

2009 Accomplishment List

Well, my pal Annette Fix just issued a challenge to her writer pals and readers. What did I do in 2009? I met and surpassed my expectations for the year and had a great time doing it. I also learned alot about myself as a writer. Learning about what makes me tick as a writer and how I can meet challenges that come along the way.

So here’s my list for 2009:

Wrote 63 articles as the NY Parenting Examiner on

Wrote 64 posts at The Freshman Writer (including a two month stint without writing).

Wrote 50 posts here at my portfolio (again including a two-month period without writing).

Landed a blogging job at (pronounced

Maintained my discussion leader position at

Jumped into Nano for the first time ever.

Earned triple the amount of money in 2009 than I did in 2008.

Met Annette Fix in person. lol Love you Annette.

Went on vacation with kiddo to California and had a blast!

And all of this I did while being a full-time therapist and mom to the kiddo.

I did alot in 2009 and I hope do to much more in 2010. Thanks for the challenge Annette.

November Round-up and a thank you

Hello people. Just checking in after a crazy few weeks at my day job. Even though I was super busy, I managed to write a decent amount this month and added two new writing jobs to my load. So far, so good. Here are my goals below:

1. Five posts here on my portfolio.

2. Six posts at The Freshman Writer.

3. One post at Flaimahmy (pronounced Fly Mommy)

4. Landed a new writing job.

5. Attempted Nano. (While I didn’t succeed, I know why it went on the back burner.)

6. Four articles at my parenting site.

The Round-up

Well, the bottom line is that my day job went haywire and I needed to focus all of my energy on getting the job done. It’s my bread and butter at this point and is what allows me to write without worrying too much about when I’ll get paid. I want to increase my posts at The Freshman Writer to two or three times weekly, here at least once a week (which I have been doing), two or three times a week at my parenting site, once or twice weekly at Fly Mommy. We’ll see how that goes going into next month. And while I may not have hit my goal numbers, I have achieved another informal goal – to earn more money this year through writing than I did last year. I definitely surpassed the amount I made last year, but I don’t know by how much. And it really doesn’t matter anyway because I’m proud of myself for hitting and passing my goal. šŸ™‚

And last but not least is my thank you:

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported my writing goals this year. From my family and friends to my co-workers and online pals. Thank you for encouraging me when I was down, giving me a kick in the rear to get me in gear and especially, for helping me achieve my writing goals this year. I know that 2010 will be even more spectacular because of your support. Thanks friends!


Nano went kurplunk

Well, my Nano journey has come to an end. Now it’s not official yet, because Nano doesn’t end until next week. But, my day job has been so crazy that I haven’t had time to scratch my head, let alone add to my nano project. So, I’ve decided to call it quits. In fact, I stopped writing the second week of Nano.

At first, I thought “I’ll get back to it” and did a few times by adding notes and research that I’ve done for the project. Then, I felt like it was getting farther and farther away from me.

Other than my nano disaster, I’ve been writing here, at the Freshman Writer, my parenting site and the newest site I write for – (Fly mommy). Between writing for the sites and journaling as well as my day job, I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve also been keeping up with Moms Like Me as the discussion leader.

So, no goals other than to come here and report everything I’ve been doing writing-wise.

Not much progress

Well, I’ve logged about a thousand words for Nanowrimo. I don’t know if I really thought this out. I figured if I had a good idea to work on, I could just write no matter what. The problem for me has been my day job. It’s very stressful for me and by the time I get home, I’m so drained that I don’t even want to look at a computer. I’m wondering if I should quit and its the second week already! I should be much farther along than I am. I really can’t complain though – I’ve attempted something new that I hadn’t thought I’d even make progress with.

Still have articles that need to get done so I need to get cracking. Later.

1000 Words and counting

So – Nanowrimo has me at over 1000 words now. Not anywhere near the 8,333 words that I need to be up to date by tomorrow, November 5. But, progress is happening. I posted this morning at my parenting site and at The Freshman Writer, so I’ve been a busy writer. And even though the day job has been very stressful and home responsibilities, too. I’m just glad that the Muse slapped me in the face to keep me writing today. Later!

Trickling By

Well, Nano is off to a slow start so far. I’ve only logged in about 350 words and that’s from the bit I wrote a week or two ago. Yes, a bit before Nano, but still written. I added a sentence or two yesterday.

My day job was extra challenging yesterday and I didn’t get home until 7:30. After that it was dinner, putting kiddo to bed and then some tv time for me. I know tv is a time-sucker for me, but I needed a distraction after the day I had.

I’m hoping that the rest of the week will be somewhat calmer at work, though there is no guarantee since my job is rather unpredictable. But, I hope that I can get some writing done during my lunches this week and catch up to the 6 day word count. About 5000 words. We’ll see.

Other than that, I haven’t done much writing. I really need to get cracking on articles for my parenting site as well as the new site I’m writing for. Also need to check in at Moms Like Me so I’ll hit that before going to work. Later!