Happy 10th in Heaven Mami

If you’ve visited me within the last two weeks (thanks btw), you’ve probably seen that I’ve fallen off the writing bandwagon. I’ve not been so busy that I couldn’t write. I’ve chosen not to.

Mami in her heyday.

See this picture – she’s the reason why I’ve been offline. It’s been ten years since I’ve not hugged her or heard her voice. Some days the memories are so clear that it’s like she’s sitting next to me. And other days – it’s so hard to remember how she did the things she did.

I look at my son and see how much he’s grown. It is in looking at him that I’m reminded of the passage of ten years. He was just a year and a half when she died. And she loved him SO much! I just wanted to share that Mami was the strongest woman I’ve ever met and there will NEVER be another mom like her. My mom, my role model, my pain in the ass. I love you Mami. Until we meet again.

Frances Reyes (1942 – 2002)

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Tribute to Mami

Today is my mother’s birthday. She would have been 70 years old. I imagine she would’ve been very similar to what she was before she died – stubborn, independent, strong-willed. The best (or worst) part about this is that her grandson (who’s birthday is on Wednesday) is JUST LIKE HER.

Kiddo has her independent spirit. I don’t know if this is because they had birthdays around the same time or if he inadvertently gained her characteristics just because. He was a year and a half old when she passed away. She loved him so much that at one point I wondered if she still loved me! I got over my jealously quickly though, Kiddo was so adorable.

Now that he’s a pre-teen, I can only imagine what Mami would have been like with him. Probably the same way she was back then – she’d hang out with him for awhile and then send him right back my way. While sometimes I’m sad because I miss her, other times I’m okay because her spirit lives on… in him.

Happy birthday Mami; love you. (1942 – 2002)