Christmas Day 2012

Christmas Day 2012 was a good one. It can be put into the books as a mellow and enjoyable holiday. Kiddo’s happy with his goodies and I’m just happy being in my new purple jammies (thanks to my dad’s gal pal) writing this post. And not only am I enjoying this quiet time, I’m also ecstatic that I’m on a staycation.  A full week off from the dayjob just to be home with kiddo and take time to rest. This is sweet.

I didn’t have a long list for Christmas. All I wanted was to get kiddo his gifts, time off from the dayjob (after six months of probation – I sorely needed the break) and time with family. I got all of those things plus a few more with the two new writing jobs I have now.

I’m tired right now, but so excited. Deep, deep down. lol I’m excited about the blessing of Christmas, excited about the possibilities of the future and excited about 2013. I’ve come a long way this year and am ready for my next adventure. I plan on taking that adventure after resting on my staycation.

Merry Belated Christmas!

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Black Friday – Not for Me

As the Black Friday commercials stream on my television, radio and computer, I’m still confounded as to the point of this weird-to-me tradition. Yes, I find it strange that people would get up in the middle of the night to go shopping just to save some money.  Especially since the last few years of Black Friday literally became Black Friday when people began dying due to stampedes at the door.

I only heard about Black Friday for the first time in 2007 from a friendly co-worker at the time. She asked me how early I’d be up shopping for Black Friday. I, a native New Yorker, had NEVER heard of it.  She was nice enough to tell me what it was about sharing some of her Black Friday tips. As soon as she told me that she got up at 2am to go shopping, I knew that Black Friday was out for me. I wouldn’t get up that early except to get on a plane for vacation.

This year, I decided to do some research on this so-called holiday. Doing a Google search for “where did black friday come from?’ brought me the usual Wikipedia page, but led me to others.  In the Mental Floss archives, the start date  of the actual day is unclear, though it has roots in the early 19th Century. Wow, day-after Thanksgiving holiday madness way back then? That’s crazy to me.

And it also seems that pr companies were hard at work in the eighties to put a positive spin on Black Friday by pushing around the new meaning of the day writing “getting in the black” as a way for retailers to recoup sales lost on Thanksgiving (when people traditionally did NOT do any shopping). Back then, people let themselves be knocked into tryptophan food comas.

On News Blaze, I found a list of various “Black Fridays” full of tragic stories and events from stock market crashes to battles to natural disasters to the assassination of John F. Kennedy (d. 1963). After reading that list, I feel okay with NOT being comfortable with Black Friday as a positive shopping holiday.

Once again, the madness is here and even madder than before as stores are opening Thanksgiving night. Black Friday is not even here yet and already I’m over it. Please be safe out there and remember that Thanksgiving isn’t about holiday sales, but about spending time with family. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Feel free to share your thoughts about Black Friday in the comments.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Hi all! I just wanted to send out warm Thanksgiving wishes and blessings to all of you. Thanks so much for all of your support in the last three years. Many thanks to all the readers, commenters, retweeters and subscribers out there who keep up with this blog and The Freshman Writer. I’m truly blessed to be able to share my thoughts with such amazing people.

Please check out my peeps in the blogroll and onTwitter. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Christmas Blessings

Now that Christmas is a day and a half away, I’ve been thinking about all the great things I’ve received this holiday season.

I received my first big payment for my writing and feel like my writing is making a difference to others. I’ve also been thinking about how my website has made a difference in my life.

This site have done so much to motivate me to push myself harder and deeper into the world of freelance writing. Not only am I doing my best to help beginning writers, but I’m also challenging myself to try new things and expand my experience.

So what has this experience gotten me? I have received wonderful recognition for my writing, that it is special and uplifting. I find myself encouraging and leading others. My writing has also improved as a result of the work I’ve done this year.

New writing jobs have come my way and now I’m being rewarded for it. So, my blessings this year are many because I’ve been able to move forward in my career as a writer.

My hope for all of us is that we all get to reach our potential as writers. That we can achieve our goals and keep on striving for our dreams!

Happy Holidays to all!