Glam Me: Long Island Edition

Mommy’s Links is back with the fourth installment of Glam Me this time in Long Island and the last one of 2012. With a variety of vendors and sponsors,  Mommy’s Links provides YOU with the pampering and fun you deserve.

This time around Mommy’s Links makes it easy and affordable to get your glam on while sticking to your budget. Check out the details below and get your Glam Me ticket today! See you there!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Long Island Children’s Museum
11 Davis Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530


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Thanks for the laughs Sherman – A Tribute

“Well, I’m moving on up! To the East side!” Some of my first memories of family night with my mom came from watching Sherman Helmsley as George Jefferson in The Jeffersons. I don’t know what made us laugh harder – his trademark dancing, yelling at Weezy or his verbal sparring with Florence.

I was instantly brought back to those nights with my mom when I heard the sad news of Helmsley’s passing. As George, Sherman was hilarious, arrogant and self-centered. But he was also the character you loved to hate and still loved anyway.

I remember Helmsley’s amazing work in the racism episode where George gave cpr to a man who was a racist (ie super negative) towards him. George saved the man’s life. And Sherman Helmsley was endeared to me forever.

After the Jeffersons, I saw Helmsley in Amen (loved him there, too) and in various other spots. But, my love for Helmsley started on The Jeffersons. Thanks Sherman for all of the laughs.
RIP Sherman Helmsley (1938 – 2012)

And the man and his dance. Enjoy!

The Real George Jefferson Dance

Glam Me: Long Island Style (Postponed)

Hiya Friends,

Due to unforseen circumstances, Glam Me: Long Island has been postponed until Saturday, September 22, 2012. Everything else – time, location and activities will be the same.
Now, I know it’s disappointing, but the change is great because Mommy’s Links will now be doing Glam Me AND celebrating its 10th anniversary! So, make sure to spread the word, get your schedule in order and join us for one heck of a party! See you then!



Tickets include all services, including Hair Styling, Makeup Application, Manicures, Swag Bags and so much more, plus refreshments!

September 22, 2012

Long Island Children’s Museum
11 Davis Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530

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Riding the Banana Boat Wave (Sponsored Post)

Summertime is here and the Banana Boat has sailed in with new products. When I received the invite for the event from fellow blogger, SelfishMom aka Amy, I was instantly reminded of the Banana Boat sunscreen that I’ve used for my son.

Last Saturday, I had the chance to check out Banana Boat’s new product – Natural Reflect – an new organic product designed to provide great protection without all of the harmful ingredients.With games and activities for the kids, Banana Boat gave us parents the chance to check out how well Natural Reflect worked. I didn’t get that chance as my pre-teen took up a spot on Amy’s couch.

Natural Reflect was set up outside in Amy’s backyard. One thing I noticed right away was the SPF of 50. My son is much lighter in complexion than I am, so I always look to a higher SPF to keep him protected and out in the sun longer. I also noted that there were two types of Natural Reflect Sunscreen – one just for kids and one for adults. The more I learned about it, the more I tweeted about it.

For years, Banana Boat has taken up residence in my home. Every summer, I get new sunscreen for kiddo to use to enjoy the sun without the harmful effects. It’s great to know that Banana Boat continues to share great, new products. All in all, I had a great time learning about Natural Reflect from Banana Boat and hanging out with my fellow bloggers. Thanks Banana Boat and thanks Amy!

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Glam Me: Bronx Edition Success!

Hiya readers! I just had to come back to share my thoughts on Glam Me: Bronx Edition presented by Mommy’s Links and Zumba Mamas.

Glam Me was AH-FREAKIN-mazing! And I’m not saying it just because I attended. As Mommy’s Links Mombassador, I had a great view of all the glammed up action.

With over 25 vendors and sponsors represented, it was no wonder that so many women came out to get their glam on! One of our divas made a stop at the make-up table and look at her after:

This diva’s cookin’ with her good-lookin’ self!

She and so many ladies came out to glam up, do Zumba and have fun. And being a part of Glam Me is so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work for me. The best part? We’re doing it all over again on July 7, 2012 at the Long Island Children’s Museum! Check Mommy’s Links for details & tickets. See you there!

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Playtime! keeps the fun coming!

Playtime! is the childcare service that keeps on giving. I loved my first experience with Playtime! so much that I wanted to send out some love by writing about it again.

Playtime! allows theater-loving moms and dads the chance to see a great show AND get affordable, quality childcare. As a single mom, much of my difficulty in going out to shows (or going out at all) is finding childcare. Playtime! saw that need for parents and gave them a great way to keep the kids happy and entertained while enjoying some “adult” time.

And the “adult” time is awesome! Why? The shows! Last week, Amy Brenneman (Private Practice) began her run in “Rapture, Blister, Burn.” How else can you see this amazing actress and not worry about the kids? They’re going to be very busy having fun! If you’re ready to get your theater on, go check out the Playtime! calendar for shows this weekend and beyond.

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Glam-Me Bronx Edition

MommysLinks GNO

Mommy’s Links is back with another edition of Glam-Me: Girls Night Out this time in my home zone of the Bronx! On June 9th from 6 – 10pm, ladies 21 and over will be glammed up with hair, make-up and more in conjunction with Zumba Mamas of Fusion Fitness. With over 25 vendors (and more!), Mommy’s Links with have the ladies fit, gorgeous and satisfied with a fun workout, drinks, giveaways and raffles plus a dj to give you some shimmy to your shake!

Come join Mommy’s Links in giving you the pampering YOU deserve. Get your tickets today and use code 5Off to save $5 off of your ticket! What a great way to celebrate Girls Night Out saving money and having a blast!

Make sure to purchase your ticket soon to guarantee a swag bag of goodies to enjoy at home. And make sure to let them know I sent you. See you there!

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Avengers – Review

Hiya readers! I’m back to share my thoughts on the Avengers movie. I LOVED it!

I’ve never been a fan of comic books and so don’t read them at all. I do love anything superhero-related. Growing up, I was a fan of “He-Man” and “She-Ra” as well as Wonder Woman and Superman.

As a kid with low self-esteem, I use to dream often of having superpowers. Those superpowers came from watching my favorite superheroes. Fast-forward to today being a grown woman and mom of a son, I get my superhero fix more often. The Avengers was a huge fix for me. I hadn’t seen a superhero movie in a long time and was so glad to see this one. I was not disappointed.

I had several doses of hot superheroes (except the Black Widow – sorry Scarlett) and a bit of jealousy with Scarlett’s bodysuit. Yes, I’d love to have a body like that, but I digress.

Each of the superheroes with their unique talents kicked butt. Although Chris Hemsworth only had to speak to knock me out (I’m partial to a man with an accent. lol). Not to mention all the eye-candy. Each character brings great flavor to the film and now I’ve got a goal of catching up with all of them. I still need to watch Captain America, Thor and Iron Man – Part 2. The Avengers was so good that I’ve been inspired to see them all.

So even though this is something for kids, teens and boys in general – this girl DEFINITELY had a fabulous time with the Avengers. So go see it and tap into your superhero! (And when you do, stay through until the final credits for some extras.) Can’t wait until The Avengers comes out on DVD!

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3 Single Mom Lessons from the Avengers

A few days ago, kiddo and I took in a matinee of The Avengers (check out my review). And we loved every minute of it! Watching it though left me feeling like a superhero and I noticed three things that could help single moms.

Avenger Lesson #1 – Know your worth. Each character had a specific and useful skill set. The Black Widow kicked butt. Hawk shot his bow and arrow with amazing accuracy. Hulk smashed. Dr. Banner calculated. Captain America was strong and tough with his shield. Thor knocked the wind out of his enemies. And Iron Man was techno savvy and inventive. Each superhero had their gifts and weren’t coy about being confident in themselves. Single moms, know that you ARE worthy and you are a blessing. Period.

Avenger Lesson #2 – Life is tough. The Avengers dealt with a tough situation. Being a single parent is tough. No doubt about it. Everyday will have its challenges and every day there will be something to deal with. This isn’t just a single parent issue, but life as it is. And know that while life is tough, you are tough also.

Avenger Lesson #3 – Get with your crew. The Avengers were brought together to fight a common enemy. Enemies that single parents can face are depression, isolation or loneliness.  You can fight back by having a support system in place. Build up your crew of people who back you up no matter what. I’ve got my team of fellow single moms (some not) and friends who love and cherish me. They remind me of how strong I really am and call me on my crap when I need it. They are my blindspot; that place in my life that I just can’t see because of my own hangups. The Avengers worked together to make things work and your crew can do the same for you.

I was reminded of these things throughout the course of the movie. It gave me such great energy and I was so inspired. Guess that’s why I’m going to get The Avengers on dvd as soon as it comes out. Hope these lessons help you single moms out there to remember your greatness!

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Where’s the Meat?

“What do you get when you cross a chorizo factory with an escort service?” is on the flier for this entertaining show. All About Meat – (The Garcias) is a play about Cubans living, working and cracking up in New Jersey. While keeping up with the local high rollers, this family also enjoys routinely torturing each other for amusement.

Irreverent and funny, All About Meat is the show that will have you talking. For the ladies, I just wanted advise you to bring a camera for after the show. You’ll know why. Check out All About Meat from now until April 22, 2012 at the DMAC – Duo Multicultural Arts Center at the Bowery. The tickets are well worth it!

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