Glam Me: Bronx Edition Success!

Hiya readers! I just had to come back to share my thoughts on Glam Me: Bronx Edition presented by Mommy’s Links and Zumba Mamas.

Glam Me was AH-FREAKIN-mazing! And I’m not saying it just because I attended. As Mommy’s Links Mombassador, I had a great view of all the glammed up action.

With over 25 vendors and sponsors represented, it was no wonder that so many women came out to get their glam on! One of our divas made a stop at the make-up table and look at her after:

This diva’s cookin’ with her good-lookin’ self!

She and so many ladies came out to glam up, do Zumba and have fun. And being a part of Glam Me is so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work for me. The best part? We’re doing it all over again on July 7, 2012 at the Long Island Children’s Museum! Check Mommy’s Links for details & tickets. See you there!

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Glam-Me Bronx Edition

MommysLinks GNO

Mommy’s Links is back with another edition of Glam-Me: Girls Night Out this time in my home zone of the Bronx! On June 9th from 6 – 10pm, ladies 21 and over will be glammed up with hair, make-up and more in conjunction with Zumba Mamas of Fusion Fitness. With over 25 vendors (and more!), Mommy’s Links with have the ladies fit, gorgeous and satisfied with a fun workout, drinks, giveaways and raffles plus a dj to give you some shimmy to your shake!

Come join Mommy’s Links in giving you the pampering YOU deserve. Get your tickets today and use code 5Off to save $5 off of your ticket! What a great way to celebrate Girls Night Out saving money and having a blast!

Make sure to purchase your ticket soon to guarantee a swag bag of goodies to enjoy at home. And make sure to let them know I sent you. See you there!

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Avengers – Review

Hiya readers! I’m back to share my thoughts on the Avengers movie. I LOVED it!

I’ve never been a fan of comic books and so don’t read them at all. I do love anything superhero-related. Growing up, I was a fan of “He-Man” and “She-Ra” as well as Wonder Woman and Superman.

As a kid with low self-esteem, I use to dream often of having superpowers. Those superpowers came from watching my favorite superheroes. Fast-forward to today being a grown woman and mom of a son, I get my superhero fix more often. The Avengers was a huge fix for me. I hadn’t seen a superhero movie in a long time and was so glad to see this one. I was not disappointed.

I had several doses of hot superheroes (except the Black Widow – sorry Scarlett) and a bit of jealousy with Scarlett’s bodysuit. Yes, I’d love to have a body like that, but I digress.

Each of the superheroes with their unique talents kicked butt. Although Chris Hemsworth only had to speak to knock me out (I’m partial to a man with an accent. lol). Not to mention all the eye-candy. Each character brings great flavor to the film and now I’ve got a goal of catching up with all of them. I still need to watch Captain America, Thor and Iron Man – Part 2. The Avengers was so good that I’ve been inspired to see them all.

So even though this is something for kids, teens and boys in general – this girl DEFINITELY had a fabulous time with the Avengers. So go see it and tap into your superhero! (And when you do, stay through until the final credits for some extras.) Can’t wait until The Avengers comes out on DVD!

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3 Single Mom Lessons from the Avengers

A few days ago, kiddo and I took in a matinee of The Avengers (check out my review). And we loved every minute of it! Watching it though left me feeling like a superhero and I noticed three things that could help single moms.

Avenger Lesson #1 – Know your worth. Each character had a specific and useful skill set. The Black Widow kicked butt. Hawk shot his bow and arrow with amazing accuracy. Hulk smashed. Dr. Banner calculated. Captain America was strong and tough with his shield. Thor knocked the wind out of his enemies. And Iron Man was techno savvy and inventive. Each superhero had their gifts and weren’t coy about being confident in themselves. Single moms, know that you ARE worthy and you are a blessing. Period.

Avenger Lesson #2 – Life is tough. The Avengers dealt with a tough situation. Being a single parent is tough. No doubt about it. Everyday will have its challenges and every day there will be something to deal with. This isn’t just a single parent issue, but life as it is. And know that while life is tough, you are tough also.

Avenger Lesson #3 – Get with your crew. The Avengers were brought together to fight a common enemy. Enemies that single parents can face are depression, isolation or loneliness.  You can fight back by having a support system in place. Build up your crew of people who back you up no matter what. I’ve got my team of fellow single moms (some not) and friends who love and cherish me. They remind me of how strong I really am and call me on my crap when I need it. They are my blindspot; that place in my life that I just can’t see because of my own hangups. The Avengers worked together to make things work and your crew can do the same for you.

I was reminded of these things throughout the course of the movie. It gave me such great energy and I was so inspired. Guess that’s why I’m going to get The Avengers on dvd as soon as it comes out. Hope these lessons help you single moms out there to remember your greatness!

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MommysLinks “Glam Me” Giveaway

Join MOMMY’S LINKS for a “GLAM-ME” Girls Night Out with music, food and drink specials, some shopping… a FAB Swag Bag… AND A NIGHT OF GLAMOUR!! Get all services FREE with paid ticket! Includes HAIR, MAKEUP, EYEBROWS, MANICURES AND SO MUCH MORE…
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Either way you get your ticket, I’ll be there so come on down divas!


Off Broadway meets Childcare with Playtime!

Parents, have you wanted to see a play, but weren’t able to because you couldn’t get quality, affordable childcare? I know I have. With expensive show tickets as well as childcare, I rarely took the chance to go catch a show.

Until now. Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of taking in an off-Broadway show while kiddo played, sang songs and taught someone how to play a card game. How did I do this? Playtime! helped me. What is Playtime? It is the first ever child enrichment program that provides arts, culture and care for kids while their parents see an Off Broadway show. Collaborating with Playtime! are three local theaters and Sitters Studio. Playtime! is sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Elroy and Terry Krumholz Foundation.

Courtesy of Playtime!, I had the opportunity to see The Hurt Village (review coming up next week) and had a blast. I didn’t have to worry about kiddo because I knew he would have a great time. It isn’t a “drop ’em; leave ’em” kind of sitting service. I had to verify my contact information (in case of an emergency) and get a numbered ticket (assigned to kiddo on a bracelet) so that I could claim my child after the show.

After the play, I went to pick up my child, submitting my ticket and receiving a written report about his activities and behavior. Kiddo raved about his sitter and said that he wanted to have her babysit for him again in the future. He also mentioned that he had a great time even though (at age 10) was the oldest child there. According to the report, the sitter noted this and had kiddo help out with the younger kids.

I was very impressed at how well-organized they were and how smoothly the drop-off process was. Especially since kiddo is a child who needs routine and structure to do well. And he did. He had a blast! Playtime! is a great asset for parents who love a good play and need childcare to get to see the show. I loved The Hurt Village and thank Playtime! for the opportunity.

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NYC Potluck 2011

On November 20, 2011,  Mommyslinks and City Harvest are teaming up to bring NYC families together to share a special meal and to help New York’s neediest families by collecting food for Thanksgiving. Every family has suffered, but we also have much to be grateful for. And we can show that by sharing what we can with other families. Check out all the details below. Bring friends and family to share the fun. Be sure to sign up at Mommyslinks and rsvp today! See you there!

Mommy’s Links Thanksgiving Potluck & Food Drive

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

1:00  pm

Loft On Fifth

144 5th Avenue

New York, NY

Near N, R, Q, F, V, 4, 5, 6, and L trains

Mommy’s Links Food Drive For:

City Harvest

   The most needed foods are:

canned fruit

canned vegetables

peanut butter (plastic jars)

mac and cheese (packaged)

hot and cold cereal (packaged, family-sized)

No glass, please, with the exception of baby food!

Mommy’s Links Potluck Dinner:

Please rsvp with the meal you would like to bring to potluck**


**Please remember we are relying on your dish to be on site**

There will be crafts, fun for the kids and much more!

Event Sponsored By:

North American Refinery

1:00 pm to 3:00pm

Need money for the Holidays? Bring your GOLD, Leave with CASH!

Once Upon A Cupcake NY

Will Sponsor All Desserts

Discovering treasures in NYC

Today was spent exploring my NYC with kiddo. We discovered a castle in the middle of Central Park. I didn’t even know it was there.
After seeing that, we went to one of the many ballfields there so that kiddo could play soccer and baseball with the locals and their dads. (The best thing about all of our adventures – it all became fodder for my writing).
As kiddo had fun, I wrote some notes about being a single mom among a group of dads and their boys. I’ll be looking for a market for it when we get home later.
Right now, we’re warming up with some hot chocolate while I write (and study) with kiddo drawing next to me. Not a bad way to spend Good Friday than to enjoy the beauty of my city with my favorite person in the whole world.

Superpowers for Writers?

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. Today’s post is a prompt based on a post I wrote about a poll of superpowers. I like the idea of superpowers in general, but I wonder what you Freshman Writers would choose as a superpower.

So here’s the prompt: write about superpowers. What comes to mind? What would you choose as your superpower?

Have at it writers!

Happy Writing!

Play to write

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. Today’s editorial is about how to play yourself back to writing.

Writers get stuck. It is a fact that writers run out of steam during the process from time to time. After doing this myself, I found my way back to writing. Try these games to get you back on track and no you won’t need a partner for them either.

1. Scrabble – I tried this one yesterday while kiddo was working on a project. Broke out my Scrabble board and letters. I started and completed a Scrabble game of 20 words. After the first five words, I realized I had a theme about a hero, a struggle and a rescue. After filling the board with words, I got an index card to write all the words down for a story later. Try it yourself and see what happens. I also realized later on that the words I chose had to do with a book I’m currently reading. If I could get a series of words just from reading, I can’t imagine what other words lists I’d come up with while doing other tasks.

2. Boggle – This one is a great one because you shake a box full of letters and find words. Usually four-letter words or more, you’ll end up with at least ten words to use. Try writing a haiku with this wordlist. Or challenge yourself by finding longer words.

3. Newspaper crossword puzzles – If you’re really in a bind, check out your local newspaper. These puzzles are written with themes in mind. You can try to solve the puzzle for the words or write based on the theme. In the NY Post, the puzzle is called Wonderword. It is a search and find puzzle with a theme as well as a list of words you need to locate. After that, you take this list of words to come up with the final Wonderword. There is a clue to help along the way. The Daily News (NYC’s other hometown paper) has a Wonderword puzzle, too. But, there is a long word (20 letters) and you have to find 25 five-letter words. Again, all around a theme, but a lot of fun.

Next time you’re stuck, Freshman Writers, try a game. You never know where it’ll take you. Happy Writing!