Sharing is Caring

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope you are well and writing. I am a believer that sharing is caring and I want to share some great information with you Freshman Writers.

Today’s post is a collection of some of my favorite websites for writers at all levels. As writers, we will continue to learn and grow in order for writing to improve. You can also (if this is your thing) end up teaching other beginning writers or at least give them advice to help get them started.

In keeping with this tradition, here my list of favorite websites that I go to for tips on writing. Some are new and others are classics that I love visiting over and over again. Check them out, see what gets your attention and get to writing.

Keep learning and happy writing!

Women on writing

Writing world

Freelance Writing Gigs

WM Freelance Writing Connection

The Renegade Writer

Freelance Writing at About

Mridu Khullar

Funds For Writers


Media Bistro

Taking Rest

Hiya Freshman Writers and happy Tuesday! Hope this finds you well and writing. Today’s post is about a topic that I find myself going back to frequently. Mostly, due to my own challenges in getting enough rest.

This past weekend found me enjoying four days of doing mostly nothing, including writing, which is why there was no Fav Friday or editorial yesterday.

For me, the greatest challenge is making sure to keep my plate 85% full. I tend to get overwhelmed when I have so much to worry about. And I do. I’m a single working parent with a full-time AND part-time job. Granted, my part-time job is online, but I tend to get glued to my computer and not give myself enough time to simply rest.

So, this weekend, I did that. I went to a couple of barbecues, but I slept in a lot and took several naps. I also stayed off the computer most of the time. I tweeted and responded to emails from my blackberry, though.

Not only trying to take rest, I’m also cutting things out. I recently dropped out of a writing class that I’d been wanting to take for the last couple of years. Yes, it bothered me to drop something I’d enjoy, but I couldn’t focus enough to do even the first assignment! You see, exhaustion and stress have been wreaking havoc on my eating and sleeping habits. Mostly coming from the day job though partly from stressors stemming from single parenthood.

Bottom line, I need a break. So, this past weekend was the beginning. Next weekend, I’m off on a women’s weekend retreat. It’s local enough for me to get to, but far enough away from everything that I can enjoy my time away.

So Freshman Writers, what’s stressing you and how are you taking rest?

Happy Writing!

Catching up

Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. First, I’d like to apologize for not posting the Fav Friday item last week. Overwhelmed with the day job and home issues, I’m back on track today. So I’d like to give you a two for one deal this morning.

What would have been my Fav Friday item is my subscription to The Writer Magazine. I love this magazine for its straightforward advice about the work of writing. Not only does it provide info on various genres and forms of writing, but it is also offers exercises to boost creativity and get you writing. I’ve had my subscription for a year, but purchased individual magazines here and there up until I found I was getting it more often.

Now, the editorial. Ever find yourself so overwhelmed that you have to take a break in order to catch up? That was me in the last week. I found myself having to deal with one task at a time until completion. This was hard for me because I’m used to multi-tasking regularly.

But, I just could not seem to catch up with myself. I felt like I was rushing through everything and still not getting anything done. So, I took a break from writing and even reading about writing. I’ve been focusing so much on learning the craft and using writer-speak all the time, that I forgot everything else.

In order for writing to have life and be found credible by the reader, you need to feed it. How do you feed your writing? Live your life. As simple as that sounds, it isn’t. You’d think that I’d be able to do that since I have so much on my plate. Only trouble was my plate was too heavy and I couldn’t focus on anything except the weight and pressure coming from it.

The good thing is that I recognize that. Another good thing, the plate has gotten a bit lighter. I’ve made decisions, completed tasks and have decided to take time to relax away from the day job. By taking small steps, Freshman Writers, I’ve found that I’ve got a much more positive outlook. I feel like I can accomplish goals.

So Freshman Writers, what do you do to catch up when you’ve fallen behind? What advice/tips would you like to share with other writers? What works for you?

Happy Writing!