Getting my Supergeek on

Today finds me studying while kiddo’s in karate class. What am I studying for you ask? I’m studying to for my license to practice mental health. I’d pretty much avoided it all week though I read a few case studies to refresh my memory.
After nearly three months of a break (since I failed the last time I tested), it has been hard getting back into Supergeek mode.
I studied for a half hour or so, reading over the study guide and trying to access the info stuck in the farthest reaches of my brain. Lol I solved this by playing Spider Solitaire in the computer room here at the rec center.
I’ve realized that being surrounded by all of this information at work (trying to review case studies there, too) isn’t enough to refresh my memory. I figure that reading until my brain feels fried will be sufficient.
More supergeekiness to follow.