Christmas Day 2012

Christmas Day 2012 was a good one. It can be put into the books as a mellow and enjoyable holiday. Kiddo’s happy with his goodies and I’m just happy being in my new purple jammies (thanks to my dad’s gal pal) writing this post. And not only am I enjoying this quiet time, I’m also ecstatic that I’m on a staycation.  A full week off from the dayjob just to be home with kiddo and take time to rest. This is sweet.

I didn’t have a long list for Christmas. All I wanted was to get kiddo his gifts, time off from the dayjob (after six months of probation – I sorely needed the break) and time with family. I got all of those things plus a few more with the two new writing jobs I have now.

I’m tired right now, but so excited. Deep, deep down. lol I’m excited about the blessing of Christmas, excited about the possibilities of the future and excited about 2013. I’ve come a long way this year and am ready for my next adventure. I plan on taking that adventure after resting on my staycation.

Merry Belated Christmas!

Christmas Day 2012 008

Christmas Blessings

Now that Christmas is a day and a half away, I’ve been thinking about all the great things I’ve received this holiday season.

I received my first big payment for my writing and feel like my writing is making a difference to others. I’ve also been thinking about how my website has made a difference in my life.

This site have done so much to motivate me to push myself harder and deeper into the world of freelance writing. Not only am I doing my best to help beginning writers, but I’m also challenging myself to try new things and expand my experience.

So what has this experience gotten me? I have received wonderful recognition for my writing, that it is special and uplifting. I find myself encouraging and leading others. My writing has also improved as a result of the work I’ve done this year.

New writing jobs have come my way and now I’m being rewarded for it. So, my blessings this year are many because I’ve been able to move forward in my career as a writer.

My hope for all of us is that we all get to reach our potential as writers. That we can achieve our goals and keep on striving for our dreams!

Happy Holidays to all!