Hurricane Sandy, birthday thoughts and other tidbits

First off, I’d like to thank the first responders and emergency staff who braved dangerously high winds to help others. I’d also like to thank Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo for keeping their cool during this difficult time.

Hurricane Sandy hit us here last night. And I’m very happy to say that in my neck of the South Bronx, I had no damage or power loss. However, other New Yorkers (residents from New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut) weren’t so lucky. My family is in different places around the city, but thank goodness everyone is okay.

I’ve been a bit stir-crazy sitting at home with kiddo, but since there’s power, I’ve been hanging out with kiddo. It’s been months since I’ve had any real time off since starting my job in May. So, I’m trying hard to make the best of it. And eating tons of leftovers from my early birthday party celebration on Saturday (my birthday was yesterday).

So here are my survival tips on how to stay sane during a hurricane:

Get organized and put all exposed objects away. Kiddo and I put away anything that could have hurt us. We also got the candles ready in case we lost power.

Get the board games out. Kiddo and I love board games like Sorry, Guess Who and Scrabble so we took them out. We played a few rounds of games. (I didn’t time this well. We were bored right away). Extra Tip: Keep the television or video games going until the power goes out (if it does).

Charge cell phones and computers. I don’t have a landline so I needed a way to keep in touch.  My phone and computer were both charged and ready to go.

Make sure there’s enough food and water. Since I had a party on Saturday, I had this covered, but I made sure to fill up the bathtub in case I lost water pressure.

Think positive thoughts. Whether or not you believe in a higher power, positive thinking helps reduce anxiety and stress.  I was very anxious being alone with kiddo for such a big storm. I needed a place to put this nervous energy so I kept thinking good thoughts and prayed. (I also limited the amount of news I watched because it increased my worrying.)

Be sure to plan what your next steps might be after the storm passes. After making sure that kiddo and I were okay, I decided to check on my neighbors after going to the local store. Thank goodness everyone was okay. (My neighbors looked at me funny – not a NY thing; my neighbors are funny that way. lol)

Overall, I can count many blessings that we’re okay. I can’t say the same for others as the news reports have shown. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. All I know is that we’ll all be okay.


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Chuck E Cheese – home of diversity & chaos

Yesterday found me at one of funnest places for kids (not parents). For me though, I found it to be very diverse and very chaotic.
This one’s located in Queens where people of all colors, languages and races all collide to allow kids to play, earn tickets and have fun.
The circus was definitely in town here. Kiddo disappeared for the first hour and came back sweaty from all the running around. I was tired from the screaming, yelling, singing and dancing.
Yes, folks the giant mouse dances and so do the poor waitstaff. I felt for them with their plastered smiles and pseudo-joy at performing a silly choreographed dance. If I could read the mind of the waitress for the kid’s party, she was probably thinking, “I don’t get paid enough for this crap.” It gave me a new appreciation for servers everywhere for being able to work in a perpetual kidsfest with music included.