About Heiddi

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Heiddi Zalamar is a licensed Bilingual Crisis Clinician, National Certified Counselor, Mental Health Advocate, Single Mom and Blogger. She has been featured in a variety of outlets sharing about Mental Health, Parenting, Wellness, etc.

Heiddi has been seen on Momsrising, AspiringMama, Be A Freelance Blogger, Quips & Tips for Achieving your Goals, Quips & Tips for Successful Writers and was a resident blogger from 2012 – 2014 at Life with Bob for Healthy Place. She was also previously a Community Discussion Leader at Moms Like Me New York.

Today, her mission is to educate others about and advocate for Mental Health and Wellness. Heiddi wants to share powerful and positive messages through her writing and art.

Please visit as often as you like to to be uplifted, encouraged, motivated and energized.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos and artwork provided by the author. Any inquiries may be sent to Hzalamar AT gmail DOT com.



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