Stress: Feeling like a Fried Egg

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Anyone else feel like a fried egg? Stress has me this way. That’s been me over the last few months though last week (when it should have been a relaxing vacation), I was burnt around the edges. Fried and unusable.

Feeling like a fried egg lately?

Feeling like a fried egg lately?

Parenting is a tough job, but when you expect some FREE time to yourself for a week while the kid is in school and you don’t get it – well that makes for a very cranky and stress-filled mommy.

So, I’m a fried egg and have felt like one since last September when kiddo’s overnights ended. Not because I wanted them to, but for kiddo’s benefit (due to an issue at his father’s which hasn’t been resolved).

Very limited kid-free time has left me missing myself. Even an hour alone each night is too much to hope for much less the two kid-free nights I used to have. At first, it was okay. I was fine with being home with kiddo and getting to bed early. But after several months of two Saturdays a month to myself, the most I’ve done is try to catch up on sleep or my favorite television shows.

I’ve been giving myself time-outs after kiddo goes to bed and losing sleep because I just want alone time. Every parent needs “me-time” and it’s okay. EVERYONE needs alone time.

So make sure to get it. Even 5 minutes to breathe. To just be. Letting go of stress by giving yourself time off is mandatory. Take a break. And you’ll be VERY happy you did.

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