Brave: A Movie Review

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Kiddo and I had the chance to watch “Brave” last night. Yet another Disney hit (at least in our house). I’ve always been a Disney movie fan – my favorite movie is STILL “Beauty & The Beast”.

Brave is the amazing story of Merida, a Scottish princess who routinely challenges the norm of royal life (according to her mother Queen Eleanor). Merida has the issues of any teenage girl – learning responsibility, a mom who talks at her about her royal duties (mine was washing dishes, which I still hate!) and generally annoyed at not having a say in her future goals.

With great graphics and color, Disney took kiddo and I to Scotland. I loved Merida’s character right away; someone wanting to make her own decisions rather than having them made for her as Queen Eleanor (played by Emma Thompson) would do. Throw in a legend into the mix and here’s yet another movie I’d like to add into my dvd collection.

Even better? Kiddo began repeating lines from the movie copying the Scottish accent. We give “Brave” five stars!

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