3 Single Mom Lessons from the Avengers

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A few days ago, kiddo and I took in a matinee of The Avengers (check out my review). And we loved every minute of it! Watching it though left me feeling like a superhero and I noticed three things that could help single moms.

Avenger Lesson #1 – Know your worth. Each character had a specific and useful skill set. The Black Widow kicked butt. Hawk shot his bow and arrow with amazing accuracy. Hulk smashed. Dr. Banner calculated. Captain America was strong and tough with his shield. Thor knocked the wind out of his enemies. And Iron Man was techno savvy and inventive. Each superhero had their gifts and weren’t coy about being confident in themselves. Single moms, know that you ARE worthy and you are a blessing. Period.

Avenger Lesson #2 – Life is tough. The Avengers dealt with a tough situation. Being a single parent is tough. No doubt about it. Everyday will have its challenges and every day there will be something to deal with. This isn’t just a single parent issue, but life as it is. And know that while life is tough, you are tough also.

Avenger Lesson #3 – Get with your crew. The Avengers were brought together to fight a common enemy. Enemies that single parents can face are depression, isolation or loneliness.  You can fight back by having a support system in place. Build up your crew of people who back you up no matter what. I’ve got my team of fellow single moms (some not) and friends who love and cherish me. They remind me of how strong I really am and call me on my crap when I need it. They are my blindspot; that place in my life that I just can’t see because of my own hangups. The Avengers worked together to make things work and your crew can do the same for you.

I was reminded of these things throughout the course of the movie. It gave me such great energy and I was so inspired. Guess that’s why I’m going to get The Avengers on dvd as soon as it comes out. Hope these lessons help you single moms out there to remember your greatness!

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2 thoughts on “3 Single Mom Lessons from the Avengers

  1. 1. I LOVED the Avengers 2. I LOVED this post – love that you were able to tie get these from the movie and its so so true! I’m a single mom and its hard to know your worth, its something that I still struggle with.

  2. Hi Alexandra, thanks so much for visiting and for your comment. Everyday is a struggle each with its own highs and lows. I just have to say that parenting is just plain hard and single parenting has its own unique challenges. I often rely on my friends to remind me of my worth. lol They give me a wake-up call sometimes when I’m down on myself. Sometimes, my son tells me how wonderful I am. And that rules. Remember to look to the people who love you best when you need a pick-me-up because they will do just that. Thanks again for the visit and please come again soon!


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