Love Note Day

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Hiya Freshman Writers! Hope this finds you well and writing. Today’s post is in celebration of National Love Note Day according to I’m a sucker for a great love note so I thought we could use this as a prompt. Share what you like about love notes and even one of your own! Below is my contribution. Enjoy!

Happy Writing!


Dear Son,

Little boy, you’re the center of my world. You’re my motivation to get up everyday to work hard. You’ve pushed me far beyond my limits and even my dreams. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I love you. You’re my favorite kid in the whole, wide world and I live for your smile. Remember that I’ll always be there no matter what.



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4 thoughts on “Love Note Day

  1. Hiya Kalen,

    Thanks so much for sharing your love poem. It was a touching description of love. And I’m happy to have you share your work here. 🙂

    Great example of a love letter, Freshman Writers.

    • Hi Diane, welcome to the blog. I like writing notes as well. And I’ve saved all of the notes kiddo has written to me. There’s nothing like getting a personal letter from someone. I didn’t even know about it until this year. There’s lots of special and unique holidays out there. Keep coming back for more. 🙂 See you soon.


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